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The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

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The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

Has anyone heard anything about this? I love The Time and was surprised to hear they had a new CD coming out tomorrow (10/18). Apparently they can't call themselves The Time anymore because Prince owns the rights to the name and won't let them use it, which is ironic on several levels.

The Time 'Condensate' to Original 7ven on October Album

It's time -- and perhaps over-time -- for some new music from The Time. It's coming in October, but the group will no longer be using that name.

"Condensate," which drops Oct. 18 on Time Life's SRR Records imprint and is the band's first new release since "Pandemonium" in 1990, marks the debut of the Original 7ven, the new moniker for the funky septet adopted after Prince -- who established The Time in 1981 -- denied rights to the original group name. Rather than making a fight out of it, however, the group members decided to view it as an opportunity for a fresh start.


Much more to the article at the link. Apparently Best Buy has an exclusive version with a DVD for $9.99.
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Re: The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

Man I keep forgetting to comment on this for like days now. Anyway I don't like it that much. It's just ok and glad to see them back together for now. But not feeling it.

If you want a GREAT album that's new from that era and vibe, get Jessie Johnson's latest one. It's so damn good its like a time machine. You feel just like back in the day. And it's probably the best non prince cd of anyone associated with him. Blows me away I've listened to it countless times this year.
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Re: The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

I picked this up as well and was disappointed, it is just ok, it's kind of like a whole album of b-sides and filler, nothing really stands out. It also sound more 90s than 80s, which is what I would have liked.
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Re: The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

Oh I forgot to mention. The Family's new album or Fdeluxe is what they're called now is also not very good. It's better than the time release but it's nothing as great as their old release.

Jesse Johnson so far is the only artist to pull off a near perfect cd. Almost every track on it is amazing. You guys give it a listen let me know what you think.

Its called Verbal Penetration from 2009. I still listen to the tracks almost 3 yrs later so, give it a go.
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Re: The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) "Condensate"

I must offer a differing view here, as I really like Condensate. It's a varied but cohesive album, and I can't find a weak track here.

I'm also happy that they didn't try to do a straight "80s album", as those rarely seem to work. Condensate actually sounds surprisingly modern to me, although you are right that it does have that 90s vibe to it (but I think contemporary music is again starting to sound like it did in the 90s anyway). I could see something like Hey Yo or One Step working as potential radio hits.

Thanks for the Jesse Johnson recommendation. I'll have to check out his last album.
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