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AnonomusBob15 09-29-10 06:52 PM

Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
I've been a huge JEW fan since Clarity, and Bleed American and Futures are both excellent records. Chase This Light was long overdue and a complete disappointment, so their new CD, Invented, went under my radar for a long time.

For those of you that like the band, Invented pairs JEW with their Clarity producer and the results are amazing. I'm completely digging this album, like so much of their stuff from the past.

Long story short, check this CD out.

riotinmyskull 09-29-10 07:04 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
clarity got me through some rough times in high school (still does actually)....nothing they've done since has impressed me but if mark trombino produced the new album i'll give it a listen.

Superman07 09-29-10 07:12 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
Came in the mail today, but I haven't given it a listen yet. Looking forward to it.

Rocketdog2000 09-30-10 12:43 AM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
OP - I don't get how you can say the new album - Invented - "went under my radar for a long time", as it just came out two days ago. Or were you implying that you had no idea a new album was even in the works?

For the most part (a few standout cuts aside) I think Clarity is terribly overrated. However, I've liked everything they've done since then, including Chase This Light - even if it was an obvious stab at trying to regain the commercial success they enjoyed with Bleed American.

This new one...I don't know. 'Amazing' would not be the word I would use to describe it, though. It's definitely going to take more than the few listens I've given it so far to do anything for me. The vibe I'm getting is more one of a band not knowing exactly what to do next, perhaps trying a bit too hard, but not really hitting on anything that sticks that well. Stylistically, it's a bit all over the place, and not necessarily in a good way. I was less than impressed with the first single - "My Best Theory" - but then I've never been too keen on many of their first single choices. Hoping it will grow on me, but right now the only thing keeping me from being truly disappointed in it was the cheap price.

Tarantino 09-30-10 02:07 AM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
I gave it a once through and thought it was...okay.

Dan1boy 09-30-10 12:36 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
Chase This Light was a disappointment? Huh. I thought it was the most well-rounded album up to that point. Very contagious.

I picked up the new one but haven't spun yet.

U6C84 09-30-10 01:18 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
I'm going to their concert tonight and I like this cd, but I've liked all of their cd's.

mdc3000 10-01-10 10:30 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
I think Clarity is way overrated, it is good but not their definitive record IMO. I like all their records but would pick Futures as my favourite, followed closely by Chase this Light. I am enjoying INVENTED so far but I don't love it. A little too down trodden, not enough uptempo numbers and a lot of the back end sounds very similar. I'm seeing them in 2 weeks and they never disappoint live, but I was expecting to be blown away and so far I'm not. It is good but it certainly isn't in the same league as the last 3 records.

Rocketdog2000 10-03-10 06:06 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
Having listen to the album a bit more, Invented has grown on me more, but I still stand by my original assessment. There's the occasional moment of goodness, but mostly I still find the album to be too scatter-shot and unfocused. It's a decent, if unremarkable album - in that a 1/2 hour after I've finished listening to it, there are still no songs that really stick with me like they have with tunes from their past albums, yet I didn't really hate hearing any of it.

DVD Josh 10-03-10 08:00 PM

Re: Jimmy Eat World - Invented (2010)
It's really just okay. In fact it reminds me alot of Clarity, which i also think is just okay. JEW to me is Bleed American and Futures. This record is like Clarity revisited.

3 out 5. Worth a buy but won't be in heavy rotation.

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