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gmal2003 08-18-10 01:05 PM

Amp advice: What exactly to I need
I am in the market to purchase amplification gear for my band. We primarily need it for practice but may use it for live gigs. We know the amount of power we neeed in relation to the places we'll play. But through searching for amps Ive run across so many terms (Combo amps, pre amps, power amps, speakers, etc) that Im getting a little confused.

What we are looking for is to use one source of amplification for all the instruments (drums, bass, keyboards,guitar, mics). We have a mixer (Behringer 1204fx) so we dont need a preamp.

What else do we need? Is there a specific amp that serves best for using all instruments on. Im reading alot about bass amps, guitar amps etc but we want a "one for all" type of thing. And honestly Im still getting a little confused on speakers and amps.

For example: This amp is for sale:

as opposed to this one

Would these require me to still get speakers also? Would I still need to get a power amp too?The first one mentions speakers packaged in but he second also looks like that is one big speaker so it should suffice. Do speakers and amps come packaged together? As you can see Im really new to this. Thanks in advance for your help.

palebluedot 08-18-10 02:55 PM

Re: Amp advice: What exactly to I need
Guitar player needs his own amp. Bass player needs his own amp.

You need mics for the Guitar amp, the bass amp, the singers, and the drums.

For the drums you typically have a mic in the kick, a mic on the snare, and 2 overhead mic for toms and cymbals.

You run all those mics to your mixing board.

You will need a amp to power some PA speakers. Something like this http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com...ier?sku=481587

And PA speakers. Something like this: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com...air?sku=600347

And you need stands for those speakers. Something like these: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.c...Pak?sku=450458

This is a very basic setup for rehearsal and live shows. It can grow exponentially from there.

gmal2003 08-18-10 04:05 PM

Re: Amp advice: What exactly to I need
Thanks a ton for the advice so far. The way the band is set up, the primary instruments does not include a guitar although it is used some times (think early Keane). The keyboard is the main instrument needed for amplification with the occasional acoustic guitar, bass, and electric. Alot of times the bass guitar is manipulated through keyboards. Under these conditions what would you suggest?

Would it be possible to use the keyboard and vocals on one amp and get a second amp for the bass?

Addtionally, when amping the guitars separately when we do use them. How much power (solid state and tube) in terms of wattage would you reccomend?

I really appreciate it guys!

Chrisedge 08-18-10 04:23 PM

Re: Amp advice: What exactly to I need
I have a 15w Tube Amp for my guitar that is fine for both live gigs, mic'ed in a studio or just playing.

(Fender Hot Rod Blues Jr NOS)

Everyone should have their own amp, then mic them for mixing / louder purposes. Sounds like you are just building up gear now. Does your "band" have any amps now? Or are you starting from stratch?

gmal2003 08-18-10 04:43 PM

Re: Amp advice: What exactly to I need
Well we are in a bit of a transition period. We had amplification gear for practices' live gigs etc but we are no longer using it anymore. The person who had that gear (he"s a DJ) is no longer ith us. The funny thing is Im the drummer but Im taking a more active role in sound tech now that he's not with us anymore.

palebluedot 08-18-10 05:04 PM

Re: Amp advice: What exactly to I need
Problem is you need to monitor yourself on stage, especially the singer.

So my bands always had a setup like this.

Mic in the kick
Mic on the snare
Mic bewteen T1 and T2
Mic between T2 and Floor Tom
Mic on high-hat
Mic on the ride
2 Mics overhead for cymbals

Keyboards directly into the mixer and a small amp on stage used as a monitor.

Guitar amp. Mic on the speaker going to mixing board

Bass amp. Actually used a DI to the mixer. So cable out of the bass guitar into a DI. DI into the board. Other output form the DI into the bass amp.

Singer's mic into the board.

Monitor for the drummer, monitor for the singer, and monitor for anyone else who sang.

You need to be able to hear yourself on stage, this is the reason for the amps.

From the board you have 2 amps. One for front of house and the other for stage monitors.

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