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Heat 12-29-09 01:56 AM

Song ID help request [update: song found, no help needed]
I was watching a re-run of Scrubs tonight and heard a pop song from I believe the '80s, a very fast paced song with the lyrics that, as I remember... I'm falling in love, in love with somebod I'm falling in love with somebody like you.

A google search on those lyrics turned up a ton of songs but none seemed right.

The episode was Season 1, episode 15, "My Bed Banter & Beyond: Dr. Kelso wants everyone to express their feelings in a study; J.D. and Elliot consummate their new relationship and try to hide it from everyone."

The song was about 15 minutes into the episode when J.D. and Elliot were euphoric at work after having sex.

edit: Found it, Buzzocks "Ever Fallen in Love", from 1978.

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