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islandclaws 12-08-09 06:04 PM

5 years ago.. :(
<img src=http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/reviewpics/dimebagrip.jpg alt=dime

EdTheRipper 12-08-09 06:14 PM

Re: 5 years ago.. :(
I was never a huge Pantera fan but his death floored me when I heard about it.

cactusoly 12-08-09 06:52 PM

Re: 5 years ago.. :(
I saw Damage Plan live only 5 days before his death. A friend of mine that I went to the show with called me and told me what happened and I thought he was BS ing me. :(

mndtrp 12-08-09 08:59 PM

Re: 5 years ago.. :(
Shocking to me, since I wasn't even 1 yet for the Lennon situation. That, and I was more involved in Pantera than Lennon's music at the time.

darkdaze73 12-09-09 02:15 AM

Re: 5 years ago.. :(
I had totally forgot about this until a couple of hours ago. I was watching a BLS dvd when "In This River" came on and I realized what day it was. I regret not going to the Damageplan show a month or so before his death.

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