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adumbc 03-08-09 01:52 PM

SXSW tips?
I'm heading down to Austin for SXSW 2009. This will be my first trip to the event. I am going for the music (not movies or conference) and wondered if anyone who has been before can offer any tips for making it a better experience.

I already know of several sites keeping up with the official & unofficial (free) shows, so I don't need help finding what's going on, but just any tips/advice on what to bring, how to get around, how much to plan/not plan, etc.

[email protected] 03-09-09 02:43 PM

Re: SXSW tips?
I've gone to SXSW eight times now, including the last six in a row. I'm bummed that I'm going to miss this year, but I was offered a five week tour, and couldn't turn down that much work (I'm an audio engineer by trade).

Some basic tips:

- Take advantage of the day parties. They are a much better opportunity to see acts than the night shows, which can get packed.

- Check out http://www.donewaiting.com/category/sxsw which annually is my go-to website for info on day parties and lineups

- Unless you absolutely have to see them, avoid the large national headliners, or else you'll spend all night in line and miss some other great acts.

- Be sure to check out Flatstock, the poster convention, always very cool!

- Try to get an invite to the Aussie BBQ, it's my favorite party every year!

- Also make sure you check out the lineup for the Cedar Street Courtyard on Saturday, almost always good acts playing there

- Avoid Antone's - great club, but almost always the longest lines!

- Go to Ironworks for BBQ, it's a must for me every year!

- Don't plan on getting a cab, it's near impossible. Plan on walking between shows, and plan the timing appropriately.

If I think of any more things, I'll try to jot them down.

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