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NoirFan 08-23-08 06:44 PM

Favorite obscure/catalog Stones songs?
I don't mean "Gimme Shelter or "Start Me Up", i.e. popular standards we've all heard a million times. I've recently discovered Between the Buttons, and I'm really in love with this album - "Yesterday's Papers", "My Obsession", and "Back Street Girl" have become instant favorites. The sneering, sarcastic "We Love You" is another great one - what a sinister piano intro! I always thought that would make a cool sample.So, what are your favorite Stones obscurities, those hidden nuggets that have eluded airplay and critical praise?

Nesbit 08-23-08 06:48 PM

Even though it was a single in the 90's I don't remember "Saint of Me" getting a lot of airplay. Thought it was a decent song. Not a big enough Stones Fan to know many hidden gems.

yojimbo44 08-23-08 07:12 PM

"Moonlight Mile" is probably my favorite stones song - which hursts a little as it is one of the few to feature no imput keith - but an absolute beauty.

cupcake jesus 08-23-08 11:27 PM

Does "Let it Bleed" count? Brilliant song.

cdollaz 08-23-08 11:53 PM

Coming Down Again
Monkey Man
Far Away Eyes
Dead Flowers
The Worst

Corleone316 08-24-08 12:07 AM

Thru and Thru

sb5 08-24-08 01:13 AM

Originally Posted by cupcake jesus (Post 8892829)
Does "Let it Bleed" count? Brilliant song.

Seconded. Exactly the song I thought of when I saw the thread title.

Besides that, I have a soft spot for a lot of the songs with Keith Richards singing lead (You Got the Silver, Coming Down Again, Little T&A, etc.).

PopcornTreeCt 08-24-08 01:40 AM

Not really obscure, but not one of their greatest hits: "Play with Fire"

Andalusia 08-24-08 02:05 AM

"Citadel" from THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST. Keith playing some killer chords and Charlie murdering his cymbals.

n.phelge 08-24-08 07:05 AM

Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man
Who's Driving Your Plane
Child of the Moon
Live With Me
Soul Survivor

atlantamoi 08-24-08 07:09 AM

"You Don't Have to Mean It" from Bridges to Babylon (awesome reggae tune by Keith)
"Dance Pt. 1"
"It Must Be Hell"
"Moonlight Mile"

mickey65 08-24-08 07:30 AM

No one here likes Cocksucker Blues?

rw2516 08-24-08 07:51 AM

Dancing With Mr. D
Fingerprint File
Time Waits For No One
100 Years Ago
Stray Cat Blues
Hide Your Love

tcoursen 08-24-08 08:12 AM

I like :

Memo To Turner
Some Girls
Before They Make Me Run
All Down The Line
Torn And Frayed
Moonlight Mile
Salt of The Earth

cdollaz 08-24-08 08:51 AM

I somehow forget this in my first list:

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Eddie W 08-24-08 09:13 AM

During my formative years I skipped Goats Head Soup because I though I had all the 'good' songs from greatest hits compilations & singles. It was only recently that I discovered what are now two of my favorite all time Stones songs were on this album:

Star Star - textbook Stones swagger. Were it not for the filthy lyrics this probably could've gotten a lot of airplay.

Silver Train - I think I actually remember this being the flipside of the 'Angie' 45 but completely forgot what a great song it is.

chris_sc77 08-24-08 09:53 AM

Moonlight Mile
Play With Fire
Thru and Thru

Josh-da-man 08-24-08 10:47 AM

Originally Posted by mickey65 (Post 8893040)
No one here likes Cocksucker Blues?

I was going to mention that one. Not sure if it's ever been "officially" released, though.

Brain Stew 08-24-08 11:48 AM

Memory Motel
Black Limousine
Moonlight Mile
Dead Flowers
Till the Next Goodbye
Time Waits for No One
100 Years Ago

Pretty much all the 70s ballads other than "Angie."

NoirFan 08-24-08 12:42 PM

Originally Posted by Brain Stew (Post 8893260)
Time Waits for No One

A favorite of mine as well. Mick Taylor's leads are so fluid and gorgeous on that one.

mickey65 08-24-08 04:31 PM

Originally Posted by Josh-da-man (Post 8893189)
I was going to mention that one. Not sure if it's ever been "officially" released, though.

Nope, CS is a download.

Mickactual 08-24-08 07:15 PM

I've always liked:

Hand Of Fate
I'm Going Down

Nesbit 08-24-08 07:42 PM

Would have put Moonlight Mile but figured it wasn't obscure enough. Might be my favorite stones song.

Mickactual 08-24-08 07:47 PM

Originally Posted by Nesbit (Post 8893850)
Would have put Moonlight Mile but figured it wasn't obscure enough. Might be my favorite stones song.

The most surreal version of Moonlight Mile I've ever heard was by the 5th Dimension on their "Earthbound" LP. Worth checking out if You can find it.

fsubruce 08-24-08 09:00 PM

Memory Motel
Hand of Fate
Waiting On a Friend (I know it was a top 20 single but it seems to be pretty much forgotten)
We Love You
Child Of The Moon
In Another Land
No Expectations
any many others...

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