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Music Talk Discuss music in all its forms: CD, MP3, DVD-A, SACD and of course live

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Old 06-16-08, 11:04 PM   #1
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Who puts on the best live show?

I've seen a bunch, mostly the hard rock genera...

But what are the worthy shows for the price of the ticket, any era?

Kiss - Pretty much the same show that I saw in the 70's but still
Judas Priest - Non stop metal, Rob sells it.
Queensryche - When DeGarmo was with them and Scott Rockenfield had his chain drumkit.
Dio - Any version
Iron Maiden - Also any version

Not in that world:

Madonna and Prince.
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Old 06-16-08, 11:34 PM   #2
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Springsteen & The E Street Band. Seen them three times over the years and they NEVER disappoint. The first time I saw them, in 1988 at the LA Sports Arena, it was a nearly 4 hr show that is to-this-day the best concert I've ever seen.
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Old 06-17-08, 01:42 AM   #3
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Iron Maiden

Other great live bands

Armored Saint
Heaven and Hell
Ted Nugent
Deep Purple
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Old 06-17-08, 02:37 AM   #4
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kiss sucks. their probably the worst band of all time except for maybe heart.
i just saw pearl jam at bonnaroo though and they were real sick.
the best live band ever hands down is zeppelin though, although i never saw them as they broke up years before i was born.

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Old 06-17-08, 03:05 AM   #5
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Pearl Jam sucks. Their probably the third worst band of all time after KISS and Heart.
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Old 06-17-08, 04:19 AM   #6
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walked out on Kiss and AC/DC back in the day.

best live show by far is/was Queen.

no one did it like Freddie.!


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Old 06-17-08, 04:21 AM   #7
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Nine Inch Nails
Gogol Bordello

Put on a good SHOW, so not just performance. The visual spectacle of the members is great.

Led Zeppelin put on a great performance last year, but I wasn't expecting much of a show like the Stones still manage to do.
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Old 06-17-08, 07:09 AM   #8
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motley crue
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Old 06-17-08, 07:12 AM   #9
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Joan Jett still kicks ass!
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Old 06-17-08, 07:55 AM   #10
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Asylum Street Spankers
Flogging Molly
The Roots
Steve Poltz
Barenaked Ladies
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Jimmy Buffett - laugh if you want, but his shows are parties
Buster Poindexter - another one to ruin my hipster street cred, but he was quite an entertainer

Originally Posted by The Black
Gogol Bordello
I'm not really much of a fan, but am thinking about seeing them this week because of their live reputation.
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Not that you care...

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Old 06-17-08, 08:11 AM   #11
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Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
David Bowie
Rolling Stones
Luther Vandross
Michael Jackson

Bad shows/Boring Shows:

Guns and Roses
Tommy Shaw
Smashing Pumpkins
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Old 06-17-08, 08:40 AM   #12
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Things I look for in a live show:

-Variety in setlist from tour to tour - Being willing to visit the entire catalog and not play the same old shit (like Ozzy has being doing for about 25 years)
-An adequate set length - A headlining set in an arena should never be less than 2 hours length
-The artist being passionate about their performance

Things I really don't care about:

-Solos and other wanking - Ugh, keep that shit to a minimum
-Lights/stage show/production - I don't care if they do have it as long as it doesn't get in the way of the show, but I don't need it
-Bands showing contempt for their audience

The best live acts:

-The Cure - 3 hour sets and a possible setlist that is over 70 songs deep
-Sonic Youth - willing to go all the back to the beginning of their catalog and no 2 shows are the same; always high-energy
-Dio/Black Sabbath/Heaven And Hell - for an old fart, Dio still performs better, and sounds better, than most, and enjoys what he is doing
-Barenaked Ladies - I appreciate that they try to make each show unique and do alot of improvisation on stage. They think on stage and do not just mail it in
-Pearl Jam - I'm not much of a fan, but I appreciate their varying the setlist and that they go all out
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Old 06-17-08, 09:43 AM   #13
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I'll second Springsteen & The E Street Band. Just saw them back in March and they still played for nearly three hours. Great mix in the setlist of new and old...and the man still's got it!

Second band would have to be The Flaming Lips. Sure Wayne can't sing as well as he used to, and the setlist may be a little on the short side...but the specticle they put on is great! A fantastic concert going experience.

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Old 06-17-08, 10:10 AM   #14
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This one could be a drum clinic (drummers take note...)


And from just last month...

Game over...

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Old 06-17-08, 10:31 AM   #15
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For pure working the crowd and showmanship, the best I've ever seen is Yngwie Malmsteen. He doesn't have a crazy pyrotechnics/laser/light show... he is the show. The guy never stops shredding, but that doesn't stop him from tossing/kicking 100+ picks into the audience in a 12 song set, all while running around, spins, jumps, kicks, etc. The best thing is he usually plays small club shows so it's not too difficult to be a few feet away from him while he's doing this.
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Old 06-17-08, 11:28 AM   #16
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For me...

Pink Floyd
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Old 06-17-08, 11:32 AM   #17
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Trans-Siberian Orchestra never disappoints.
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Old 06-17-08, 12:00 PM   #18
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Springsteen is the best.

Man Man was too much fun to even describe.
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Old 06-17-08, 01:57 PM   #19
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Rammstein - loads of pyro, flames, flame-throwers, dildos and make-up.
Iron Maiden - fucking awesome.
Danzig - classic era. awesome show.
Type O Negative - back in the day, they had great sets.
Rob Zombie - his "Hell" set on tour with Korn was fucking insane.
The Rolling Stones - even though the stage was pretty barren, they were super.
Marilyn Manson - always entertaining.
Alice Cooper - still knows how to put on a great show.
Megadeth - fast and intense.
Slayer - ever wondered what a concert in Hell would be like?
Pantera - insanely brutal mosh pits
Tool - watching them was like an acid trip. very cool.

I still have yet to see Kiss. New lineup or not, I'm getting tix when they come to SoCal asap.

Horror Movie Challenge:

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Old 06-17-08, 02:10 PM   #20
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Arcade Fire
Okkervil River
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Old 06-17-08, 02:11 PM   #21
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For adults there is no greater band in rock than Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
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Old 06-17-08, 02:27 PM   #22
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For me, here are a couple:

Pink Floyd - Need I say anything?
Pixies - Pure bliss just to see them. Total no nonsense.
R.E.M. - Even better the second time I saw them
Liz Phair - Just a great intimate show
Fugazi - Loud and intense ... And only $5.50
Violent Femmes - Played at least 2 hours and were just a blast

GiantRobo, as far as The Smashing Pumpkins go, how good their shows are really all depends on what kind of mood Billy is in that today. I have heard some live shows that were just unbelievable. Those are usually the shows where Billy is in a light mood and is joking around with the audience. But if he's not in a good mood ... get ready for a long night.
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Old 06-17-08, 02:29 PM   #23
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"Weird Al" Yankovic
Dave Matthews Band

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Old 06-17-08, 02:44 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by KillerCannibal
Slayer - ever wondered what a concert in Hell would be like?
I've seen them a few times (six or seven) over the past decade and they never let me down. Awesome shows

Anthrax went out a couple years ago with Belladonna singing, and it was really badass.
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Old 06-17-08, 03:27 PM   #25
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Bar none, for me, is The Pogues. The first show I saw them, I didn't even know a single one of their songs and midway through their show I realized this was the best band I had ever seen live.

Others that have impressed me:
Neil Young (wiped the floor with the other bands at the Festival which were all "younger" "edgier" and "louder" than him)*

For bands that I enjoy, I'd say it's 50/50 if they're great live or they're not. My concert experiences never match up with how much I like a band: live music is truly a completely different animal.

* No, they weren't. Not live at least.
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