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bigjim25 03-26-08 07:02 PM

Favorite Eagles CD?
Also you favorite EAGLES song without saying Hotel California. ;)
Feel free to post their solo songs also. :D

bigjim25 03-26-08 07:31 PM

Favorite songs by The Eagles (by "some" of the members):
"In the City" Lead vocal by Joe Walsh (Solo hit "Life's Been Good")
"Heartache Tonight" Lead vocal by Glenn Frey (Solo hit "Smuggler's Blues")
"Those Shoes" Lead vocal by Don Henley (Solo hit "Dirty Laundry")
"I Can't Tell You Why" Lead vocal by Timothy B. Schmit
"Too Many Hands" Lead vocal by Randy Meisner

Incase you couldn't tell by the song list The Long Run is my favorite CD. ;)

KYDR_chris 03-26-08 08:25 PM

I didn't vote, but my favorite CD by the Eagles is the 2-disc set I burned myself, which contains all the hits, and many of the "close, but no cigar" almost-hits ("James Dean", etc). In fact, it's the only CD by them except "Hotel California" that I can listen to all the way through (thanks to my pseudo-hippie parents listening to them over and over and over during the 70's/early 80's).

DaveWadding 03-26-08 10:44 PM

it depends on the day...somedays I like On the Border, some days it's all about One of These Nights, and on rarer days, Hotel California.

My favorite group song is either Already Gone or Heartache Tonight.

rw2516 03-27-08 06:31 AM

On The Border. Hotel California second. The rest I like 50-75% of the songs on the album.

Favorite song: Victim Of Love. Have always liked the song "King of Hollywood" a lot also.

One solo song I'd like to get without buying the entire cd, "Heavy Metal(Takin' A Ride)" by Don Felder.

JAA 03-27-08 06:44 AM

One Of These Nights

Favorite song: Take It To The Limit

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