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Rypro 525 01-03-08 02:49 AM

Need Help, female fronted rock/metal mix cd
I'm leaning more towards heavier stuff (given my current track listing), but currently i'm padding it with slower/popier stuff thus far. My only real requirement is no programed beats
the listing thus far
1.'i can do better' avril lavgine
2.'the day you died' arch enemy
3.'noose and nail' otep
4.'rehab' amy winehouse
5.'never again' kelly clarkson
6.'halliluja' paramore
7.'plastic' walls of jericho
8.'suck' kittie
9.'daddy's falling angel' in this moment
10.'the howling' within temptation
11.'bye bye beautiful' nightwish
12.'song with a mission' the sounds
13.'fuck and run' liz phair
14.'date with the night' yeah yeah yeahs
15.'cassie' flyleaf
16.'only happy when it rains' garbage
17.'weight of the world' evanesance

Alot of these are temp tracks for now. Help me out some. Also, does anyone know if audio boosting on itunes, helps boost the audio for the mix cd as well? Its mainly 'fuck and run' that i have issues with. its so much softer then the other tracks, unless anyone knows if a remasterr exists.
thanks for the help.

turborobb 01-03-08 04:25 AM

no Lita Ford, Vixen, Doro or Runaways? = Epic Fail

GuessWho 01-03-08 07:14 AM

Originally Posted by turborobb
no Lita Ford, Vixen, Doro or Runaways? = Epic Fail


Hell, he could even put in "Black Cat" from Janet Jackson (don't laugh, it's definitely a rocker)

LiquidSky 01-03-08 07:29 AM

Joan Jett: Her latest CD is called "Sinner". Try the songs: "Save the World", "Naked", "Five", "A.C.D.C." :rock:

Lita Ford: From the CD "Dancin' on the Edge": "Run with the $", "Gotta Let Go", "Dancin' on the Edge".

The Donnas: tunes from their CDs "Get Skintight", "Spend the Night", and "Bitchin' ".

The Gossip: tunes from their CD "Standing in the Way of Control"

Blondie: CD: "Plastic Letters". Song: "Detroit 442"

The Runaways: Tunes: "Cherry Bomb", "Trash Can Murders".

mndtrp 01-03-08 07:48 AM

Drain STH
Lacuna Coil

It's too bad you don't want programmed beats, because there are a some female fronted industrial acts. In case you decide to change your criteria, here are a few:
Hanzel Und Gretyl

As far as itunes, I can't remember if it does. You might just want to burn a disc to test.

superdeluxe 01-03-08 08:55 AM

The Donna's, The Veronicas, Sleater Kinney, Veruca Salt, Hole

mparysz 01-03-08 09:27 AM

Sleater-Kinney: you can't go wrong with any album but Dig Me Out has my favorite tracks
Elastica: Their first album is fantastic
Be Your Own Pet:
The Pipettes: if you drop the heavier criteria and go for pop they would be a winner
Deerhoof: Not all songs have female vocals.
Sonic Youth: Again, not all songs have female vocals but there are so many great ones that do.

There's of course a ton more. Do songs with boy/girl vocals intertwined meet the criteria or do they have to be strictly female?

LiquidSky 01-03-08 09:38 AM

The Muffs :rock:

wishbone 01-03-08 09:57 AM

Originally Posted by mparysz
There's of course a ton more. Do songs with boy/girl vocals intertwined meet the criteria or do they have to be strictly female?

For a male/female vox metal song I kinda like In Flames' "Dead End" on their Come Clarity album. The song features Lisa Miskovsky.

nodeerforamonth 01-03-08 10:05 AM

Hello!!! The Lunachicks need to be on there somewhere!!!!

The Muffs, Hole, The Donnas, the Paybacks, tons more...

DrRingDing 01-03-08 10:06 AM

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned <b>Eisley</b> yet. Their most recent album <i>Combinations</i> (2007) has a lot of songs that would probably work well in your mix. I really like "Invasion" and "Come Clean", the former being more of a rocker and the latter more of a ballad.

DRG 01-03-08 10:17 AM

Damone is one of my favorites, an 80s style hard rock band with a female singer. Kind of a party rock sound to their music.

If you're looking for a harder edge, The Distillers are awesome.

If you like Avril's "I Can Do Better" you should check out The Dollyrots. There's a lot of great pop-punk ear candy on their CDs. Also, I'm probably going to get lambasted for this, but Kelly Osbourne's debut cd was some good tracks along these lines (if you can ignore her horrendous 'Papa Don't Preach' cover.

Others off the top of my head... Horrorpops, New Year's Day, Cruiserweight.

From the 90s, there's always The Breeders, L7, Veruca Salt, and that dog who all have songs worth checking out.

And finally, might not be hard enough but Sahara Hotnights has some great songs. Their earlier albums were a bit more rock... lately they've gotten a bit more like the Go-Gos, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but might not work for that mix.

nodeerforamonth 01-03-08 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by DRG
Also, I'm probably going to get lambasted for this, but Kelly Osbourne's debut cd was some good tracks along these lines (if you can ignore her horrendous 'Papa Don't Preach' cover.

I agree with this 1000%! LOVED her first album! The whole thing. I've put "Disconnected" on many mix CDs.

Oh, Mensen is a swedish all female band that should be on any female fronted rock/metal mix cd.

bunkaroo 01-03-08 11:23 AM

Look for some stuff from the Gathering. I still maintain Anneke has the best female voice in metal. Mandylion is less mainstream, but there are some really great single-like songs on Nighttime Birds and How To Measure A Planet.

superdeluxe 01-03-08 12:15 PM

The Breeders, The woman who sings 'daughter, daughter', Poe.

cultshock 01-03-08 05:14 PM

I agree with a lot already mentioned. One of my current faves is Leaves' Eyes. I like many songs from their "Vinland Saga" album especially. Kind of along the lines of Nightwish, etc.

dadaluholla 01-03-08 06:07 PM

Check out these Boss Hog tracks: Winn Coma, Ski Bunny, Green Shirt, and What the Fuck

Andalusia 01-03-08 06:38 PM

Man, Sleater-Kinney is mandatory for something like this. I suggest "Entertain" from The Woods, though you can't go wrong with any other choice.

Some others worth checking out...

"I'm Not Your Mother" - Blake Babies
"Down on Me" - Juliana Hatfield

Giantrobo 01-03-08 09:09 PM

Glad to see some Kittie on your list. :up:

Check out "The Cliks". I created a thread about them earlier this year. The lead singer is a "Transman" but you can tell he used to be a woman and he still sounds like woman with Rocker voice.


The Iron Maiden<b>s</b> cover Iron Maiden's stuff and Maiden totally supports them as the only all female Maiden cover band. I think I like their Live show stuff better than their studio stuff but it's all good.


Leather Face 01-03-08 09:54 PM

Check out anything by 80's metal band Girlschool.
Here's a start
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Tscott 01-03-08 10:03 PM

Anyone say early PJ Harvey yet?

The Detroit Cobras http://www.myspace.com/thedetroitcobras
50 Foot Wave (Kristin Hersh) - "Clara Bow"
Heartless Bastards "All This Time"
The Kills "Love Is A Deserter", No Wow

And I'll second The Muffs, Horrorpops, Blake Babies, Juliana Hatfield, Sleeter Kinney, Boss Hogg, The Breeders, The Distillers, L7, Veruca Salt

Originally Posted by superdeluxe
The woman who sings 'daughter, daughter'

Are you thinking of Tracy Bonham's "Mother, Mother"?

mikelowry 01-04-08 05:44 PM

Hole, L7, Babes in Toyland, Letters To Cleo.

JasonF 01-04-08 06:22 PM

Any band from either of these CDs:


I really like the Muffs, the Chubbies, Candypants, and anything involving Lisa Marr

clemente 01-04-08 10:50 PM

Just cause it cant be said enough, Sleater-Kinney. (I'd lean more toward The Wood and One Beat tracks....just heavier)
Maybe try some Bikini Kill (Rebel Girl...Hamster Baby, but I can see how this track might be an acquired taste)

Le Tigre might not meet your programmed beats requirements, but its worth scoping out.

CreatureX 01-04-08 11:15 PM

BiKiNi KiLL - 'Resist Psychic Death'
The Pretenders - 'The Wait'
The Gossip - 'Standing In The Way of Control'
Sleater-Kinney - 'Everything'
Babes In Toyland - 'Sweet '69'
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Rockers To Swallow'


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