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DVD Josh 11-05-07 10:16 AM

To those addending the Police concerts: What time have they gone on?
I'm going to have to be late for tonight's DC show, but if possible, I'd like to make the Police's set on time. The show starts at 7:30, so I'm figuring if I get there at 8:30, I should be okay.

Chrisedge 11-05-07 06:41 PM

9:00pm for my 7:30pm start time show. "Get Up, Stand Up" by Bob Marley is the intro song.

Ky-Fi 11-12-07 04:03 PM

So what did you guys think? I saw the Boston show last night, and that fucker Sting was just showing off, what with his phenomenally in-shape physique, and his voice was so strong that a few times he held notes like an opera singer, just to prove to all of us how awesome he was :lol:

Seriously, I thought they sounded great, and they really looked like they were having fun---the crowd was really into it, too. Great selection of songs---nice to hear Truth Hits Everybody live. I never saw them in their heyday, and this was like a trip back to 1983 for me. Very fun.

DVD Josh 11-12-07 04:13 PM

I went into the concert having read a bunch of subpar reviews of the show and especially sting's performance. I left thinking I had just seen one of the best concerts of my life. The band was extremely high energy, sounded great. My only complaint was that it was clear Sting was saving his voice for songs like Roxanne, and singing choruses an octave lower (or in a different key). It threw me off a bit, but you can't sing like you are 24 when you are 44.

Ky-Fi 11-12-07 04:35 PM

I thought Sting sounded great all night---if I had any complaints, I thought maybe Andy Summers was a bit off here and there. But yeah, I thought it was a fantastic show. I would have happily sat there for another 15 songs if they would have played them.

MadCow666 11-13-07 11:29 AM

I just saw them 10 days ago in Atlantic City. The show started at 8:15 with them going on around 9:15. I was AMAZED at how good they were live. They went on for almost 2 hours non-stop, very impressive. I heard all my favorites with the exception of Spirits in the Material World, Man in a Suitcase, Canary in a Coalmine and The Bed's Too Big Without You. I've waitied 20+ years to see them and it was well worth it...

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