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Cameron 10-30-07 07:24 PM

Places to upload or share music videos to blogs? New Video I directed.
Hey guys and gals. I directed a new music video for Quiet Company, and was looking for more places to share it and pass it to blogs. Feel free to give me any feedback.

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GenPion 10-31-07 05:04 PM

I happen to have a friend that is a big fan of this band. I am not as familar with their music though. It sounds really good! As far as the video goes, I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work. As someone that is trying to get into serious directing as well I know it is not an easy task.

Cameron 10-31-07 09:39 PM

Thanks GenPion, and best of luck to you as well. The video is doing pretty well. It even cracked the Youtube top 40 most linked today in music videos. I know some great video bloggers are out there, and would love to share it, if anyone has any ideas for me.

Cameron 01-28-08 01:22 PM

got accepted to worldfest in houston , and is in rotation and on demand at MTV.ca . Sending off to a few more festivals now, but wondering again if anyone could point me in the direction of video blogs they read/have?

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