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lotsofdvds 10-22-07 12:51 PM

Anyone a Glen Burtnik fan?
I went to see Dennis DeYoung in concert over the weekend and with him was former Styx member Glen Burtnik. I really like this guy. He can sing, he can definitely play, and he's got a great sense of humor too.

The bad thing is, all his albums are seemingly unattainable. It's a shame. He sang some great songs as the opening act.

whotony 10-30-07 01:00 AM

i was going to say something really rude about Styx and the burtnik version of that band.

instead i'll just say i dont count that band as a real Styx line-up.
i seem to remember liking something he did as a solo artist but i can't remember what it was.

lotsofdvds 10-30-07 10:49 AM

His album Welcome to Hollywood is really good. Hard as hell to find, but really good.

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Rocketdog2000 10-30-07 03:08 PM

Yeah, I'm a fan - more so of his solo work, though. Have his first two albums on vinyl, and it took me years to track them down on CD - especially at a decent price. Of the two early ones Heroes And Zeros from '88 remains my fave, but I also like his album Palookaville, which he did later in '96.

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