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misterchimpy 09-11-07 01:03 AM

Complete Beatles Recording Sessions book--$5.99 at Borders
Was at Borders and picked up The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, by Mark Lewisohn for $5.99

Here is the description on Amazon, where the cheapest is $34.75, this is the reissued version, so it may not be the same thing. But it looks like the reissued version is OOP, so it might be.


Anyway, I loved this book, it has notes on every single Beatles recording session at Abbey Road from 1962-70. Not only do they have all the records from Abbey Road, but it seems like the author listened to every single session tape! So it includes what songs were recorded on what days(as one Amazon reviewer noted, their pace was nothing short of amazing in 1967-68, you can see why they got tired of each other!), many times who contributed what to each song, how long it took to record many individual songs, a lot of technical stuff, which is nonetheless fascinating and very readable, as well as an 8 page interview with Paul McCartney and lots of great photos.

And...if you go over to DVD Bargains forum, you might be able to find a Borders coupon to make it even cheaper!! Yep, I used a 20% off, and got it for $4.79 + tax. The book was in the large format "Bargain Books" section, in my local store, they seem to be sorted by category, this was with a lot of large format music bargain books(lots of Elvis lol), not stacked on top of the table but in the shelves underneath. It has a black and white cover, as pictured in Amazon.

Anyway, imo, this book is an absolute steal for $5 if you have any interest in the Beatles or the way music is made..

JAA 09-11-07 08:17 AM

That is a steal. I paid alot more than that for my copy.

Andalusia 09-11-07 09:31 AM

Is it marked $5.99, or do you need their discount card?

misterchimpy 09-11-07 10:52 AM

Originally Posted by Andalusia
Is it marked $5.99, or do you need their discount card?

It's marked $5.99...you can sign up for the reward card at the register, it takes 2 seconds and is free, but doesn't give any significant extra discounts by itself($5 reward if you accumulate $150 in purchases). But you may need it to use one of the coupons that they seem to send out weekly. Also, when I used mine a 25% off coupon for a single item purchase this week printed out.

paulringodaman 09-11-07 11:48 AM

i paid 10x times that about 4 years ago!

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