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Alien189 09-07-07 07:42 PM

Help with 80's song title!
OK this song has been in my head all day! I can't remember the title or who sang it. Its driving me crazy trying to remember it but in my old age my brain don't work so well! Anyway they sing about "The planet doesn't mind" "And If the planet doesn't mind".. Thats all I can remember. Anyone have any idea?? Thanks! Oh ya It's from 1983 or 1984.

prp2 09-07-07 08:18 PM

That's almost certainly "The Planet Doesn't Mind" by New Musik, released on March 5, 1982. Off the album Warp.

Alien189 09-07-07 08:55 PM

Thats it! Thanks! But upon further investigation on ebay I located a 12" but it was X-Visitors and thats what I remember now. I wonder if its the same.. Any ideas?

prp2 09-07-07 09:38 PM

Yup, looks like X-Visitors covered that song in 1983. Apparently their version was the more popular one. Those records (either version) go for a good amount of money these days.

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