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Wolf359 08-20-07 12:21 PM

Help identifying song/video
This is probably a lost cause, because I remember next to nothing...

Probably came out in 2004 or early '05 music is in the grunge/indy style like Staind or 3 Doors Down. Video featured a funeral. The style was very cold and wintery and I remember one shot was from overhead while the group walked down the stairs in front of the church.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Triple S 08-20-07 01:14 PM

My Chemical Romance - Helena?

Wolf359 08-20-07 01:34 PM

Wow, now that is service! Thanks much.

polietilen 08-20-07 02:07 PM

My Chemical Romance may sound like a lot of things, but comparing Helena to Staind or 3 Doors Down is a bit far off, don't u think? Not saying something is better than the other, just that they don't sound very similar at all.If you wouldn't have described the video scene, it sure would've been difficult identifying it. :lol:

Wolf359 08-20-07 03:41 PM


Yeah, you're right... I was going on an old memory.

Apologies to My Chemical Romance fans I guess.

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