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Giles 08-16-07 02:08 PM

Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus!
Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus!

UK: CD/vinyl/digital release - August 27
US: vinyl/digital release August 28
US release of CD version: January 22, 2008: what the fuck?! given the huge street date difference, the US CD version better have some bonus tracks... or something exclusive.

curious release to say the least.

birdseye 08-16-07 10:57 PM

Great album - one of the best of the year, imo.

BDB 08-17-07 02:11 AM

Never really got into SFA for some reason

Giles 08-17-07 11:16 AM

personally, I am surprised that the new album is not being released in mutlichannel SACD like the last album - but of course that format is dead anyway, so why complain.

Oliver Clothesoff 08-17-07 11:56 AM

They're going back to vinyl... the original hi-rez format.

brokenhanger 08-17-07 02:18 PM

The US CD is slated to contain "bonus material" - no word as to what yet, but I'd imagine a disc of UK b-sides a la "Mwng Bach" and the bonus disc to "Rings Around the World". It is supposedly delayed a bit to coincide with a US tour.

I'm super excited they're putting out not only a US LP, but also the same week as the UK release. I always pick em up, and this time I won't have to shell out $35 for the import...or wait months to hear it....score!

I was hoping my copy of the 'Show Your Hand' single would show up today, but no luck. Hopefully tomorrow.

brokenhanger 10-01-07 12:43 PM

Well, my copy finally showed up today. After having no luck with a US LP pressing - first it looked like it was pushed back to January, now it appears to have been canceled?? - I broke down and ordered the import from Action. Except after two weeks, they couldn't get it from the distributor, so that order got canceled. Then I ended up ordering a copy from HMV.co.uk, which is where this one showed up from. [As a side note, the shipping at HMV is ridiculous. It was a little over 4 pounds for the LP, which in itself isn't that bad and is actually the norm, but when I added the new PJ Harvey 7" to the order the shipping jumped up to almost 9 pounds! Obviously, I removed that one from the order.]

Anyways, after my first listen, I've gotta say it's fantastic. The first side is slightly stronger than the second, but overall another totally solid album from the SFA boys. Can't wait for the 'Run-Away' single in a few weeks and the US tour in January.

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