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Giles 07-25-07 11:28 AM

DC's “Arts Scene” dismal deterioration
Last Friday’s Washington Post article made mention that several music venues/theatres were on the verge of closure/moving due to raised tax assessments.


The Warehouse complex which features theatre, exhibits, and local musicians. Located on the East side of the new Convention Center, mind you the Warehouse is one the only things in that area that patrons are frequenting in regularity. DC was hoping more business’ would move around the adjacent Convention Center streets – House of Blues shows interest, but nothing comes about from that promise. The Warehouse stated they would close.

DC’s legendary Blues Alley – moving to the suburbs. Like everything the city does wrong, they push the arts (and residents) out to the cheaper suburbs. Sad, sad, sad…

H Street Playhouse – (theatre) still formulating a plan on what to do… mind you the new Rock and Roll Motel (the new Black Cat) is beginning to thrive (I’m counting the days until they close or move).

I’m sure it’s the name of the game in terms of DC’s politics and rental greed – but for a city that tries to retain it’s cultural identity – it’s failing miserably. They don't foster or encourage it, they chase it out.

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