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DigitalDuck 07-15-07 11:04 PM

Song on the HSN commercial?
Ok, I know its a dumb question, but what is that song on the new HSN.com commercials? Its something like:

"There's..a picture of me, a picture of you...that will always be locked up inside my head." etc..

I cant find it on the site's bulletin boards or anything else...


DigitalDuck 07-19-07 01:10 AM

wow, 95 views and no one knows the song?

VHS? 07-19-07 04:36 AM

It was created by HSN
HSNShoppingDiva (6 days ago)

Glad to hear you like our music, because we do, too! It's something we had created in honor of our 30th birthday. There's a longer 45-second version (30 seconds of music) if you search for "HSN Birthday" on YouTube. And you gave us an idea - we're working on getting the music in downloadable form so you can even use it as a ringtone on your cell phone if you want. Thanks for checking us out!
HSNShoppingDiva (2 days ago)

Here's an update...we're waiting on paperwork from the agency with whom we worked on this spot, and then we'll be posting the song's audio for download on our website - hopefully tomorrow. You know how fast big companies move! I'll keep you posted. Thanks!

DigitalDuck 07-19-07 09:47 PM

Haha..awesome! thanks VHS :)

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