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zombiezilla 07-08-07 08:47 PM

Hot on the heels of Dokken and Twisted Sister, two other '80s "hair-metal" bands who've recently released comprehensive DVDs, comes RATT with a fine compilation, being released on July 31, '07 .....

This long-awaited release to DVD will combine the two previously released (on VHS) video collections, including their popular videos -- "Round And Round", "Lovin' You's A Dirty Job" and "Lay It Down". The DVD also contains several bonus features, including highlights from the band's tour of Japan, exclusive new commentary, and never before released videos. This is the DVD collection Ratt fans have been waiting for.

DVD Track Listing
1. "Wanted Man"
2. "You Think You're Tough"
3. "Back for More"
4. "Round and Round"
5. "Lay It Down"
6. "Shame Shame Shame"
7. "Lovin' You's a Dirty Job"
8. "I Want a Woman"
9. "Way Cool Jr."
10. "You're in Love" ****
11. "Dance" ****
12. "Body Talk"****
13. "Slip of the Lip"****

****Never before released on DVD or VHS

Count me in for this one!

B5Erik 07-08-07 10:36 PM

I'm definitely picking up a copy.

JumpCutz 07-08-07 11:21 PM

:thumbsup: I'm all over this. I have one of their VHS video collections buried somewhere. Time to upgrade. Great tunes and badass guitar parts. Warren Dimartini is one of my favorite players.

kilcher 07-09-07 02:49 AM

Looks like it's $10.05 (free shipping) at DeepDiscount.com and $9.99 at Amazon. Will probably pick this up.

Amel 07-09-07 11:14 AM

This is a must buy for me! Ratt's my favorite band from that era. The Invasion tour is still one of most memorable concerts, absolutely fantastic. Got to see them one last time when Pearcy, De Martini, and Blotzer toured about 7 or 8 years ago.

Flashback 07-09-07 11:21 AM

That's it? I can't believe that there is such a limited amount available from them. Why do they keep everything locked - as some of their videos are live.
Lately more bootlegs shots are showing up though but even that was extremely lacking before. Not that big of a fan too much now but would love to have their past tours. First show I saw them was opening up for Billy Squier when I was in H.S.

johnbook 07-10-07 02:08 AM

Picked up the Twisted Sister dvd last week it was great, And i will definately pick this up, Ratt to this day is still one of my favorite bands, going to see them on july 31 with Poison here in motown, especially since Stephen Pearcy is back in the fold.

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