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DamingR 06-20-07 07:51 AM

Pre-order album, get Ticketmaster Code?
This is for the new Smashing Pumpkins CD:

The Smashing Pumpkins
Get The Smashing Pumpkins brand new album and early access to concert tickets.

Pre-order The Smashing Pumpkins new album Zeitgeist from iTunes and you’ll receive a unique password to purchase concert tickets to see them live on Ticketmaster.com before the general public!
Specific venues and show dates eligible for this promotion will be announced in the coming weeks.

What do you guys think? I will be buying the CD in store anyway (potentially multiple copies, as there are supposed to be 3 retailer exclusive versions with exclusive b-sides, a deluxe edition with booklet, and a vinyl version). Don't they occasionally give these ticketmaster codes out with physical copies of the CD? Seems like I have seen that in Best Buy flyers before.

I know that TM pre-sales are typically a scam, but I don't want to miss out. I also think it's lame that they are offering this with no tour itinerary.

This is obviously a scam to rip off loyal fans. What do you guys think?

SpaceBoy 06-20-07 10:38 AM

Seems like a cool thing to do to me. If you don't want to preord, I would just register on their official site, you'll prob get the code that way too I imagine.

I'll preorder just to be sure I get it, although I do think it's lame you don't know where they're touring yet.

bearkiss 06-20-07 02:16 PM

I've never seen best buy do a cd edition with a ticketmaster pre-order code... but I've seen it a LOT with Target... (janet jackson for a tour that never happened, the killers, norah jones, etc)

DVD Josh 06-20-07 02:38 PM

Just for the record, I got better tickets to Muse at the general sale than either presale.

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