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Giles 06-12-07 02:21 PM

UK's The Automatic (Vans Warp + select venue) tour dates
I have to be honest in not having heard the entire debut album, but with one of the most infectious songs from last year - UPop on XM Radio played this ad nauseum - this band has alot of pent up energy.

If you heard the song: 'Monster' it's a mammoth sing along jump and down throbber of a song.

'What's That Coming Over the Hill - is it a Monster?, is it a Monster?

(cue moment to go absolutely mental)

they are part of this year's Van's Warp Tour (June 29 - July 24) as well as select venue club dates - the venues/dates confirmed so far are (under an alternate name: 'The Automatic Automatic' - oh how original ;) )

June 25 - Viper Room, LA
July 28 - Rock and Roll Hotel, DC
Aug 4 - Subterranean, Chicago

for exposure to the US masses this summer, it kind of surprises me that their debut album is NOT domestically available, I would assume... yet.

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