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The Bus 05-31-07 04:01 PM

Maximo Park / Maxmo Park Our Earthly Pleasures
Previously on Maxmo Park: "A Certain Trigger"


This came out a few weeks ago and while I don't like it as much immediately as the last album, it has some really crackerjack songs, including the single "Our Velocity" and the first track, "Girls Who Play Guitars".

I'm noticing that right about now is when a lot of the revival/Brit-rock bands of years past are putting out their second album and this is the one I'm probably most excited about. Their past album (and this one) had a lot more depth to it than the average UK "it" band you may have heard.

www.maximopark.com - more songs to listen to

Seeing them live in NYC in July. I believe this is only the first (or second) time they're touring the US. I've been trying to see them for years, it seems.

Giles 05-31-07 04:19 PM

I think they were one of the bands on the bill that were on the Killers/Keane show, I obviousily got there late and missed them.

too bad, they aren't aggressively touring the states this go around, cause they aint coming near the DC/Baltimore area.

BDB 05-31-07 06:45 PM

They are playing popscene here giles in july, so I think they are back

popscene-sf.com small club which gets killer acts that I have never been to.

Thursday, July 26th ::
MAXMO PARK (ENGLAND) www.maximopark.com
MONSTERS ARE WAITING (LA) www.myspace.com/monstersarewaiting

More info TBA.
Super limited advance tickets are available through the MAXMO PARK website!
LA darlings MONSTERS ARE WAITING open the show

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