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JasonF 04-29-07 06:22 PM

iTunes Question
Can anyone help me with the following:

My C: Drive is getting pretty full, so I decide to move my 30 GB of music from there to my F: Drive. I copy the folder with all my music over and go into the iTunes options and tell it the new path (Edit-->Preferences-->Advanced). Now iTunes can't find any of my music. If I manually go in and tell it where to find the particular file, it recognizes it -- but that's not something I relish doing with 5,000 songs.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

JIF 04-29-07 07:24 PM

If you move the entire folder to the new drive, you've changed the path, hence iTunes will not be able to find it. You might have to re-add your folders to iTunes from the new drive. I don't know of a quicker method.

benedict 04-29-07 07:57 PM

This is more to do with software than music or artistes and so belongs in Tech Talk.

Maybe you can append your question to kvrdave's thread. Or one of the many itunes/ipod advice threads there. Thanks.

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