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auto 03-12-07 04:38 PM

Patti Smith: Twelve - 4/24/07


1. Are You Experienced?
2. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
3. Helpless
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Within You Without You
6. White Rabbit
7. Changing Of The Guards
8. The Boy In The Bubble
9. Soul Kitchen
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit
11. Midnight Rider
12. Pastime Paradise

Patti Smith's covers have always been fantastic (Gloria, My Generation) so this is a must buy for me. Actually, new Patti Smith is always a must buy for me. :)

Also, in case you hadn't heard, Patti will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tonight.

fiver 03-12-07 04:57 PM

This is awesome. I wasn't aware that a new Patti Smith album was coming out. Normally, I'm not that interested in cover albums but I'm very interested in the sound of this one for some reason. I can't wait til april 24!


Tscott 03-12-07 05:11 PM

My jaw just dropped. I can't wait.

I loved 2004's Trampin', should be interesting to see what she does with these songs.

yojimbo44 04-17-07 03:22 PM

Patti Smith "Twelve"
just wondering if anyone has picked this up or heard it yet - interesting selection of songs, unfortunately my local music retailer didn't order any copies in.


auto 04-17-07 04:16 PM



Also, fyi, this hits the stores next tuesday.

JeffDoeXXX 04-17-07 08:01 PM

I have a 4-song promo and it is great! It has HELPLESS (CSNY), GIMME SHELTER (Rolling Stones), PASTIME PARADISE (Stevie Wonder) & EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD (Tears for Fears) and I love all 4 songs. The cd is gonna be excellent.

yojimbo44 04-18-07 08:26 AM

thanks for the heads up - silly me, getting information from rolling stone magazine regarding release date...tsk,tsk, i should know better.


bearkiss 04-18-07 06:29 PM

for anyone going to buy it next tuesday... Target is going to have a bonus track - yes a 13th song! but I haven't been able to find out what that song is...

Tscott 04-24-07 05:54 PM

I just got done listening to this all the way through. I like it. Some very good covers,and overall it's a great album. I know a lot of reviews are knocking it because she plays the songs too close to the original or they think that she's just cashing in (Pitchfork gave it a 2.7 out of 10- but they're, um... Pitchfork). Is it a stopgap? A cashing in on her Hall of Fame induction? I don't care. It's Patti Smith singing some great songs.

One minor quibble, though, the Target exclusive 13th track is REM's Everybody Hurts. Ugh, good song, but that song was ubiquitous and promenently featured in every TV show and movie made in 90s. I could've gone without hearing it again even if it is being sung by Patti Smith.

JeffDoeXXX 04-24-07 08:20 PM

CAn anyone help on getting PERFECT DAY off the indie seven inch single converted to mp3 or cd? I'd gladly pay or send the seven inch if needed.

auto 04-25-07 11:53 AM

What was the price at Target?

bearkiss 04-25-07 12:35 PM

it's in their ad for $11.98... and no they won't price match anyone else...

auto 04-25-07 05:23 PM

Originally Posted by bearkiss
it's in their ad for $11.98... and no they won't price match anyone else...

Thanks...picked it up there at lunch. Is it funny to anyone else that Patti Smith has a Target exclusive? :lol:

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