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Save Ferris 11-21-06 02:44 PM

Ever heard of this band "The Half Pints"?
I havent heard anything theyve done but I love me a good TV concept band

"The Half Pints are a Heavy Metal band with one goal; taking the prairie to the people. The Half Pints write songs about their heroes, the characters of the long running television series Little House on the Prairie and perform dressed like the series' main character, Laura Ingalls. If that isn't enough devotion to the cause, all three members of the band have named themselves Laura, while fans wear bonnets and use Prairie as an adjective. TV Land caught up with them on tour to film a live show and interview Rock's most TV friendly band, their fans and fellow TV Tribute bands."


band info

GuessWho 11-21-06 03:40 PM

Ever heard of this band "The Half Pints"?

haadiy 11-21-06 06:02 PM

Ever heard of this band "The Half Pints"?
lolx.. hell no.. i nvr heard of it before.. metal band wearing costums like that ??? pathetic.. is that ur fave band ?? haha!

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