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Gunshy 10-24-06 07:37 PM

Guided by Voices LP on Ebay currently $2600!
Holy crap. I thought only rare Beatles LP's went for sums like this, and this auction still has over 5 days left! Cripes.



cungar 10-26-06 09:49 AM

GBV had a small but extremely rabid fan base. I was a huge fan for a few years. Worshipped at the feet of Bob Pollard. He exudes a persona of being a regular (drunk) guy who wrote many, many extraordinary songs. I know some huge bands who never wrote 1/10 the number of great songs he has written. His problem was always releasing too much filler and way too many albums.

Propeller was one of the bands first albums that came out in about 500 individually designed covers and #266 has become legendary for some reason. That's a hell of a lot of dough though.

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