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rw2516 09-23-06 06:43 PM

Sammy Hagar song question
20+ years ago I listened to a live simulcast of a Sammy Hagar concert. I believe it was the Three Lock Box tour. He intoduced a song saying it did not appear on the new album but was the B-side of the latest single. I think the song is called Satisfied . Any Sammy experts out there who know the song I'm talking about and if it appears on any cd? I've searched AMG and couldn't find anything.

EdTheRipper 09-23-06 09:04 PM

From what I can find, there was a song called Satisifed released as a b-side twice. First was in 1981 as a b-side to a song called Heavy Metal. Second time was a year later, as the b-side to I'll Fall In Love Again. Can't seem to find any info about it being on a cd however.

rw2516 09-24-06 07:09 AM


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