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turborobb 08-06-06 08:47 AM

I need suggestions for good British or Irish pop rock music videos!
I host karaoke shows at two local British / Irish pubs here in Orlando Florida, right near the Disney & Unversal Studios area, so we get loads of tourists from the UK and Ireland. On any given night it's about 60% UK tourists and 40% american locals. When the karaoke is slow (nobody is signing up) I will play music videos on the TV's around the bar off of some mix DVD's I made. Billie Piper's "Day and Night" video is always a big hit with the younger British kids and girls will get up and dance while the Americans have that "what the hell is this song" look on thier face. I have 3 Oasis videos, always a big hit! and some S Club 7, Atomic Kitten, Robbie Williams, U2, Westlife, Coldplay, Wings and Beatles.. even the Orbital Doctor Who theme video. My favorite types of music is 80's glam metal bands (Ratt, Warrant and Motley Crue doesn't go over at all there) and 70's R&B, soul and Disco (I played the video for The Temptations "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", yes there's a video for that song, and some Irish lady shouted "change the music, this is depressing!" Well excuse me!! )

Anyway, I would love suggestions from you all for music videos I could play that might go over with the UK crowd. Any type of music is ok... new or old, the 40 and 30-somethings love the old cheesy 80's and 70's videos, while the younger crowd likes the new stuff. The crowds are really random, one night it might be all old people sitting around the bar, sometimes families with kids, and sometimes 18-28yo's who want to get drunk and rock out. One time a man gave me a $10 tip because he liked the Elvis clips I was playing. I like to play a wide mix of different styles of music from country to disco to hard rock to pop. Just remember these are very family friendly places so nothing too naughty or over the top.

Arpeggi 08-06-06 10:14 AM

Pulp-Bad Cover Version

nodeerforamonth 08-06-06 11:43 PM

Wildhearts: "Geordie In Wonderland"

DonnachaOne 08-06-06 11:58 PM

If you don't mind me asking, where do you get the videos from?

I'm Irish myself and love the videos. Gets me all nostalgic - God bless Youtube!

BadBrandon 08-07-06 11:34 AM

The Subways and Arctic Monkeys some popular newer brit rock bands.

Talkin2Phil 08-07-06 11:41 AM

Bay City Rollers-Saturday Night. If that doesn't get a drunk crowd going they are hopeless.

postpunk 08-07-06 03:45 PM

Would something like this...

or this...


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