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alfonsosoriano 06-16-06 07:44 AM

Ozric Tentacles
Any fans of them out there? I'm thinking of catching their show on Tuesday.

flagstone 06-16-06 09:35 AM

Yeah, I've got a few of their older albums. I have no idea how their shows are - I'm not really much into the electronica kind of music (although I'm not sure how much OT falls into that category) in general, but for some reason a bunch of their songs just hit the right rhythm with me.

Hiro11 06-16-06 09:49 AM

I own and like Stragitude and Jurassic Shift. They sound like sort of a superior/spacier version of Phish to me. Have they done anything noteworthy more recently?

mndtrp 06-17-06 01:54 AM

I've got a couple of bootlegs I grabbed from dimeadozen. I'll be checking them out in July. Hopefully, I can find some people to go. Hell, I'd be happy finding someone who has even heard of them.

Good stuff. I think it'll be a trippy-rocking good time.

alfonsosoriano 06-18-06 04:18 PM

Yeah, I just noticed their CD in my friend's dad's collection. I then remembered seeing their name somewhere, and it was on the site of where they are playing. We popped the CD in and agreed we must go.

Tenacious D 06-21-06 09:55 AM

I used to listen to Jurassic Shift a lot when it came out about 13 years ago, but I haven't really listened to them since. That was a really good album IMO, though.

fuzzbox 06-21-06 02:30 PM

I didn't even know they were touring. They put on a great show.

I hadn't even looked at the website in a while. I don;t know how I feel about them being a 3-piece now. I hadn't even realized that John had left. Ed is the only original member now.

Am I missing something? They're leaving FROM Boston and returning TO Boston, yet not actually playing a show in Boston???


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