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PopcornTreeCt 01-11-06 02:45 PM

I think I'm in love with Napster
So, I signed up for a trial membership for a week. I have downloaded well over 1500 songs in the week that I've had it. Yes, there are quite a few songs that are 99 cents and some artists they simply don't know exist. But overall I would say it's pretty fantastic. The downloads are pretty quick. Sometimes my Napster would crash though if I had about 100 on the download list but a re-start would get them working again real quick. Also, all of the songs I've downloaded are 195 kbps quality so they sound good. Apparently, I didn't quit in time and now they charged me $9.95 so I might as well quit next month to get my money's worth, I'm hoping they add in a lot more bands. And one last thing I wouldn't be raving about how great Napster was if there wasn't a way to get all the free songs I've downloaded onto my ipod. ;)

auto 01-11-06 03:08 PM

For reference:

Napster = A Huge Disappointment


Abranut 01-11-06 03:08 PM

Chalk this up as a thread most likely to be confused with a thread from 1998.

ChrisKnudsen 01-12-06 02:51 AM

I like Soulseek.

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