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auto 12-15-05 06:48 PM

Pixies: Hey - Live Pixies (Available on eMusic)
from piitchforkmedia:

New Pixies Live Album Available on eMusic

Kati Llewellyn reports:
eMusic, the scrappy underdog to iTunes' big rich kid bully, just got picked first for the digital music dodgeball team: Starting today, eMusic is offering an exclusive two-disc Pixies live album, Hey - Live Pixies to its subscribers. iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and all the rest of eMusic's contemporaries must wait until January 3 to get their paws on this puppy, which is being self-released by the band. There are no plans to release the album on CD or vinyl.

Hey features twenty-eight tracks hand-picked by the band, culled from their mega-reunion tour that has taken place over the course of the last two years. We know you're tapping your foot in anticipation for the tracklist so you can see if "your" reunion show made the cut. Good luck:

>>Disc One:

01 Planet of Sound (Manchester, England - 8/30/2005)
02 Debaser (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)
03 Gouge Away (New York, NY - 12/16/2004)
04 Ed Is Dead (Washington, DC - 6/13/2005)
05 Bone Machine (Cleveland, OH - 6/8/2005)
06 No. 13 Baby (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
07 Holiday Song (Raleigh, NC - 6/12/2005)
08 I Bleed (London, England - 6/2/2004)
09 Is She Weird? (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
10 Caribou (New York, NY - 12/12/2004)
11 Crackity Jones (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)
12 Something Against You (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
13 Into the White (Raleigh, NC - 6/12/2005)
14 Dead (New York, NY - 12/11/2005)

>>Disc Two:

01 La La Love You (Los Angeles, CA - 6/2/2005)
02 Cactus (Edinburgh, Scotland - 8/28/2005)
03 Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) (Indianapolis, IN - 6/7/2005)
04 Mr. Grieves (Indianapolis, IN - 6/7/2005)
05 Nimrod's Son (Washington, DC - 12/8/2004)
06 Subbaculthcha (Leeds, England - 8/27/2005)
07 Monkey Gone to Heaven (Denver, CO - 6/5/2005)
08 Velouria (Toronto, Ontario - 7/9/2005)
09 Wave of Mutilation (San Francisco, CA - 5/30/2005)
10 U-Mass (Boston, MA - 12/9/2004)
11 Here Comes Your Man (Newport, RI - 8/6/2005)
12 Hey (Dublin, Ireland - 8/23/2005)
13 Vamos (Washington, DC - 12/7/2004)
14 Gigantic (Norfolk, VA - 12/6/2004)

Gunshy 12-18-05 10:10 AM

(sigh) Here it comes. I guess this is the future of music IE no more factory pressed CDs :( Though I think it was They Might Be Giants who first put up a downloadable "album" that was not supposed to be otherwise available, and that was already a couple years ago, I'm afraid this "available online only" trend is the future of playable music access. Future generations will have to pry my factory music CDs from my cold dead hands I wager - I just love 'em too much especially my Japan edition of "Trompe le Monde" with the four bonus live trax!


auto 12-18-05 11:46 AM

I wouldn't get too worried. It's just a live album.

mike1978 12-18-05 12:56 PM

Yep, and the sound quality isn't all that great.

nodeerforamonth 12-19-05 04:11 AM

What?!???! All these shows were professionally recorded. I got about half of them downloaded. Great sound quality/good mixes to me!

Live albums are usually better than the studio albums, IMO. More energy. More guitars. More rawness.

auto 01-09-06 10:19 AM

Good review up at Pitchfork. No mention of any sound quality issues.


Link_182 01-09-06 11:35 AM

My free emusic trial just ended. I could have nabbed this for free! They offer a free trial with like 120 free songs. I got a load of great stuff.

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