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Quake1028 10-27-05 06:26 PM

How is the new Johnny Cash?
Is this a good compilation for those looking to get into the Man in Black?


1. Cry! Cry! Cry!
2. Hey Porter
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. I Walk The Line
5. Get Rhythm
6. Big River
7. Guess Things Happen That Way
8. Ring Of Fire
9. Jackson - (with June Carter)
10. Boy Named Sue, A - (live)
11. Sunday Morning Coming Down
12. Man In Black
13. One Piece At A Time
14. Highwayman - (with Waylon Jennings/Kris Kristofferson)
15. Wanderer, The - (with U2)
16. Delia's Gone
17. Rusty Cage
18. I've Been Everywhere
19. Give My Love To You
20. Man Comes Around, The - (early take)
21. Hurt

Dr. Calamari 10-27-05 06:44 PM

This is an excellent broad overview of the Man's career. Go For It!

Quake1028 10-27-05 10:35 PM

$7.99 at Best Buy was too good to pass up!

bigjim25 10-27-05 10:36 PM

Good CD, buy it at bestbuy.com and get a Tshirt with it. ;)

PopcornTreeCt 10-27-05 11:30 PM

Anyone even remotely interested in Johnny Cash should get this at best buy.com.

rexinnih 10-28-05 10:33 AM

Thanks for the heads up!

The Antipodean 10-28-05 01:25 PM

Yeah, very nice one-disc set. There are better bigger box sets and such but you can't go wrong for this as a newbie to Cash.

kvrdave 11-07-05 01:39 AM

Heard The Man Comes Around yesterday. Wow, I am listening to it now, and it is pretty good stuff. I remember hearing him sing Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus and thought it was truly awful, but it even grew on me a bit. Voice has definately changed, but still something special.

kvrdave 11-07-05 01:42 AM

Thanks for the list. I remember watching him perform Delia's Gone on Letterman (one of the few I ever caught) and if you have never heard the song, go listen. When he was done Dave looked right at the camera and said, "I don't mind telling you that scared the hell out of me."

:lol: I laughed for a long time. Great song.

Geofferson 11-07-05 09:33 AM

It's a great track listing. I was very happy to see Highwayman (one of my fave's) make the cut.

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