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atlantamoi 10-21-05 08:26 AM

Queen "Hot Space"

I have a confession. I enjoy this album. Well, most of it. And I'm not just talking about "Under Pressure". I liked this album when it came out and in hindsight it still has some nice tunes.

Can anyone else admit it?

ViewAskewbian 10-21-05 10:45 AM

I hated, HATED this album by my favorite band for years! I thought it was a piece of tripe that should never have blemished Queen. However, recently, as in the past year, I dusted it off and gave it another go. Damn it if I didn't find myself enjoying it. I think Hot Space is something that takes eons to grow on you or, you know, if you haven't listened to anything new from the band in ages and you've forgotten what the album sounds like, give it a spin, and you'll enjoy it. :p

(Calling All Girls is still tough to get into, though...)

Spiderbite 10-21-05 11:35 AM

I admit it...I like this album. I always have. Granted I had only been into Queen for a couple of years at the time it came out. I could see where 70's Queen fans thought it was shit though. It is a definite departue from their 70's sound. But then again, most Queen albums all sound unique. One of the things I love about them.

This was the one album you always saw in the cut-out bins by them which always made me laugh since it wasn't so bad. Guess they sold so many copies of "The Game" that the record company way over-printed "Hot Space.".

I really like Staying Power (with the "hot and spacey horns") and Under Pressure.

My personal favorites are Action This Day, Put Out The Fire and Dancer. I could listen to those all day long.

My least favorites are Calling All Girls & Life Is Real (even if it is for John Lennon).

Back Chat, Body Laguage, Las Palabras De Amor, and Cool Cat are "eh" to me. Okay songs but they really don't have the strength of of past Queen songs.

I must admit that I listen to this disc far more than "The Works" which is the one that never really did it for me out of all their albums.

atlantamoi 10-21-05 11:55 AM

Originally Posted by brianluvdvd
I must admit that I listen to this disc far more than "The Works" which is the one that never really did it for me out of all their albums.

I agree with you on this. I was listening to disc two of their greatest hits collection recently and there were so many songs on that disc that aren't as good as what's on "Hot Space". But I can see why people would not like "Hot Space" after the better "The Game" album.

Michael Allred 10-21-05 05:10 PM

The thing is, the songs themselves aren't bad, it's how they were produced for the album. Just listen to live versions of "Staying Power" and you'll hear just how good they CAN be.

tommy28 10-22-05 07:03 AM

it`s ok i guess...

Action This Day, Put Out The Fire and Dancer are my favs to....life is real is also pretty good,(although not sure what its about)..

Brian PR does not sing any hot space songs...

PS,the concert in NJ was great;)

you can download it and listen for yourself...or buy the dvd:)

The Infidel 10-22-05 01:24 PM

I always preferred the pre-synthesizer Queen, but still there were always a few gems on their albums from The Game and on. Being in the horn section in the high school band, I liked the horn work in Staying Power, but this is still a Queen album I don't own. I'll stick with the Crown Jewels box. :)

Matthew Chmiel 10-22-05 02:27 PM

This is one of their worst albums, hands down. The entire album feels like it's the soundtrack to a terrible '80s porno. The only redeeming track on it is Under Pressure.

And I'm ashamed to own it. Everytime I see it in my collection, I cry and weep like the little bitch I am.

Flashback 10-22-05 04:23 PM

I like Queen a lot but not the best album imo. Although Under Pressure still gets me everytime I hear it. Fantastic!!!! F*ng song.

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