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Mr. Kite! 09-28-05 02:25 AM

Who's awesome and knows this obscure song?
I DJ'ed at a small college-type alternative station back in the late 80's/early 90's. There was a song I used to play that was hilarious. I believe the album cover said "CHUCK" and "U.S.A." I don't know if the band was called Chuck or what. All I remember was the song was very strange and had Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel playing, but it sounded like someone was trying to scratch with the Elvis record like a Hip Hop DJ....but doing it very poorly. It was so funny but I never figured out what the hell it was. Any help would be appreciated.

The Infidel 09-28-05 05:13 AM

I don't know about the "Chuck" and "U.S.A." parts, but it almost sounds like you're describing "Heartbreaker" by Dread Zeppelin.

Mr. Kite! 09-28-05 08:01 PM

Hmmm you may be right...I'll check it out thanks

The Infidel 09-29-05 02:58 AM

Please do. I'm looking forward to being awesome.

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