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Rypro 525 09-21-05 12:30 PM

Need help compiling a good rock/pop mix cd with female singers.
Now i have already made one, but lets just say one look will show that my taste in female oriented rock/pop music is in the toilet. (and no i am not cottingon in disquise)

1.Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani
2.When I Grow Up Garbage
3.Take Me Away Avril Lavigne
4.Don't Speak No Doubt
5.Why Do You Love Me Garbage
6.Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson
7.Push It Garbage
8.Rich Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9.Most Girls Pink
10.Sex Is Not the Enemy Garbage
11.Wake Up Hillary Duff
12.Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix) Britney Spears
13.I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage
14.Together Avril Lavigne
15.Our Lips are Sealed Hillary and Hailie Duff (I didn't even know this was a cover before somone told me it was)
16.Bad Boyfriend Garbage
17.Gigantic The Pixies
18.Special Garbage
19.Who's that Girl (accoustic) Hillary Duff
20.Allison The Pixies
21.Undernieth Your Clothes live Shakira
22.Fly Hillary Duff
23.Bleed Like Me Garbage

I made it like due to the fact that this is mainly all i have, so help getting a more variety would be helpful (hell even some female metalcore would be great.)

nodeerforamonth 09-21-05 01:06 PM

Check out the Donnas.


The Distillers
The Rag Dolls
Kelly Osbourne (first album only. Everyone hates it, but I don't think they've heard it. Great poppy/garagey/guitar rock)
The Muffs

paulringodaman 09-21-05 01:48 PM

Lovefool by The Cardigans should fit in perfectly

RMSpuhler 09-21-05 02:00 PM

Velocity Girl could slip in there very easy.

Check out "Elevator Love Song" or "Ageless Beauty" from the Stars.


Hiro11 09-21-05 02:00 PM


Pointyskull 09-21-05 02:12 PM

Neko Case
Kelley Deal 6000
Kasey Chambers
Kirsty Maccoll
Cat Power
Liz Phair

seconds to:
The Cardigans
The Pretenders

dick_grayson 09-21-05 02:13 PM

check out:

Lush - Covert
Lush - For Love

both off the Spooky lp

Giles 09-21-05 02:14 PM


Dubstar (Sarah Blackwood) - "No More Talk"
Black Box Recorder (Sarah Nixey) - "These Are the Things"
Pizzacota 5 (Mamiko Sasaki) - "If I Were a Groupie"
The Concretes (Victoria Bergsman) - "Seems Fine"
Delgados (Emma Pollock sung songs) - "The Actress"
Saint Etienne (Sarah Cracknell) - "He's on the Phone"
Mono (Siobhan De Maré) - "Life in Mono"
Moloko (Roisin Murphy) - "Pleasure Seeker"
Catatonia (Cerys Matthews) - "You've Got a lot to Answer For"
Echobelly (Sonya Aurora Madan) - "Today Tomorrow Sometime Never"
Salad (Marijne Van Der Vlugt) - "Granite Statue"
Sleeper (Louise Wener) - "Sale of the Century"
Morcheeba (Skye Edwards) "Part of the Process"
M People (Heather Small) "One Night in Heaven"
Texas (Sharleen Spiteri) album: The Hush :thumbsup: "Black Eyed Boy"
Veruca Salt (song: "Seether")
Blondie (Deborah Harry) 'Heart of Glass'
Suddenly, Tammy! - "Not That Dumb"

Gentle Waves (Isobel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian fame)

Michael Corvin 09-21-05 03:01 PM

no Sheryl Crow? :(

cdollaz 09-21-05 03:24 PM

"Sugar" by April March

KaBOB 09-23-05 03:58 PM

HorrorPops - Where they Wonder
Dance Hall Crashers - Remember to Breathe
The Sounds - Seven Days a Week
The Distillers - Beat Your Heart Out

wendersfan 09-23-05 04:47 PM

Waaaay too much Hilary Duff. She's cute, but let's be real.

"Crash" - The Primitives
"Mulder and Scully" - Catatonia
Damn near anything ("Gloria", "Frederick", "Land", "Dancing Barefoot") - Patti Smith
"Tatooed Love Boys" - The Pretenders
"Barricades and Brick Walls" - Kasey Chambers
"There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis" - Kirsty MacColl
"Bad Reputation" - Joan Jett
"Dear Prudence", "Spellbound" or "Hong Kong Garden" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Hanging on the Telephone" - Blondie

Gdrlv 09-23-05 06:37 PM

"Grey" by the Heartless Bastards. Trust me. This band kicks ass.

The Infidel 09-23-05 07:10 PM

"Now I Can Die" - Nina Gordon.

rw2516 09-23-05 08:01 PM

Pat Benetar

U6C84 09-23-05 08:32 PM

Tsunami Bomb

Flynn 09-23-05 10:40 PM

Elastica - Connection

Amel 09-23-05 10:59 PM

Celebrate You, Shutterbug, Shimmer Like A Girl, One Last Time, by Veruca Salt
Only When I Sleep, Rain, Confidence For Quiet, Runaway by The Corrs
Spoon by Cibo Matto
Skintight by The Donnas
I Wanna Be With You by Mandy Moore
Before I'm Dead by kidneythieves

And don't shy away from Shakira's spanish records, they are all easily better than the english record she put out. In fact, her latest, Fijacion Oral vol.1 is her best record to date. So check out Obtener Un Si and Lo Imprescindible

brainee 09-23-05 11:16 PM

Here's a few random suggestions not mentioned yet (both artists and songs/albums):

Lush: "Ladykillers", "Undertow"
Alanis Morrisette: Jagged Little Pill (you can't tell me you don't have this?)
Republica: "Ready to Go"
The Go-Gos: "Our Lips are Sealed", "We Got the Beat", "Vacation" (I think the first song will sound familiar)
Evanescence: Fallen
Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting, Mexican Moon
Heather Nova: Siren
Amanda Ghost: Ghost Stories

There are tons of others, especially if you go off into "Lilith Fair"-style folk-rockers, or 80s pop, classic rock, punk. There's lots of good suggestions here -- give some of these a shot and you might like something. Who knows, some of them may even be better than Hilary Duff?

MuteClown 09-24-05 05:22 AM

If you like pixies: Breeders, Belly.

Track down a singer called Marisa Monte and find her version of Pale Blue Eyes. It's catchy in a good way

benedict 09-24-05 07:09 AM

Judie Tzuke - Stay With Me 'til Dawn

mndtrp 09-25-05 07:41 AM

I was going to suggest Republica as well. Rock/pop/dance mixed into one, without being annoying.

PerryD 09-25-05 10:16 AM

I'd suggest you pick up the best of collections of both Tori Amos and also the Cranberries, two of my favorite artists. I'm also a big fan of Chantal Kreviazuk and Natalie Imbruglia. You'll recognize Chantal's musical style since she wrote half of Avril's new album.

Heat 09-26-05 03:36 AM

You might want to listen to the Go-Gos, you have a cover of one of their songs. Have you heard the original?

I think we're alone now - Tiffany (a cover of the '70s band The Rubinoos)

And give a listen to:
Ciega, Sordomunda - Shakira

Cuidate - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Eurythmics

Kids in America - Kim Wilde

Giles 09-26-05 09:57 AM

Originally Posted by MuteClown
If you like pixies: Breeders, Belly.

Track down a singer called Marisa Monte and find her version of Pale Blue Eyes. It's catchy in a good way

of course.. Belly, how could I have forgotten them, great band.

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