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neatMCsammer 09-14-05 10:35 PM

Blue, by Third Eye Blind
Are there two versions of this album? I've had it for such a long time, with Slow Motion always being instrumental, aside from the chorus. Just recently I heard the song with full lyrics. Was it on different version of the album, possibly with a parental advisory sticker, or was the song never officially released, or what?

Rypro 525 09-14-05 10:59 PM

My brother told me that apparently the lyrics were bad/offensive that the record company made them either change the lyrics or release it as an instrumental, but now since they were dropped by atlantic, they could now release the original version of the song.
if you could find a link to the lyrics, that would be nice.


neatMCsammer 09-14-05 11:58 PM

Here they are. And yeah, they could be considered offensive.

dadaluholla 09-15-05 09:44 AM

The Blue I owned had the PA sticker and had Slow Motion with lyrics.

I traded it in for $1.00 earlier this year.

lostatmidnight 09-15-05 11:33 AM

I think the song remained intact on its original Japanese release...and at the time that was it.

very good song...I've always like Jenkin's stream of consciousness style...lots of interesting imagery.

digitalfreaknyc 09-15-05 12:12 PM

They all had the PA sticker on it i believe. none of them in the US had it. I concur with the above poster.

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