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Tiki 09-07-05 11:14 PM

The Dandy Warhols - Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars
Anyone heard anything good or bad about this album? It gets released on the 13th of September.
I like some of their stuff, they haven't really ever put together a great album (my opinion) but they do have some great songs. I have high hopes for this one.

All the clips from Amazon don't sound very impressive. Has anybody heard the leaked copy? If so any reviews? Reviews from sites?

Sorry if there was already a thread about this album, I did a search but didn't see anything.

LiquidSky 09-08-05 07:11 AM

I heard a few songs from an e-mail link The Dandys sent out. Sounds very trippy.....like their earlier music. I'll definitely pick this up.

lostatmidnight 09-08-05 07:38 AM

the reviews have been 50/50...some extreme in their love, others loathing. I actually think 'Monkey House' was a pretty cool and daring album considering what they had accomplished musically and commerically with '13 Tales...'

I can't wait for this one. Also, if you didn't know, check out www.slabtown.net for more reviews/news/rumors.



LiquidSky 09-27-05 07:31 AM

I purchased the CD and was very disappointed. :( The couple of songs I heard on the internet were pretty good but on a whole, the CD is just plain bad.

atlantamoi 09-27-05 11:37 AM

Rolling Stone gave it one star (I think). Saw a video last night and thought it was average.

meritocracy 09-27-05 02:05 PM

I tend to agree. I'm a pretty big Warhols fan, and I'm rather ho-hum about this release.

mdc3000 09-27-05 03:10 PM

really not a great record. I think they tried too much experimental stuff on this album. I'm more of a fan of the Dandy's Verse chorus verse kind of stuff and half of these songs are practically instrumental. Not to mention, there are very few short songs...some of the dandy's best are the more pop-ish 3 minute numbers.... I mean, I don't mind a good 7 minute song, but like 6 of them!?!?! Weak record.


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