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leepyswetr 08-24-05 01:22 PM

OT posts split from another thread by me [Benedict]

Originally Posted by Cottington
Now we know this about Christmas albums - mostly they suck, especially if they're cut by tarts such as Jessica Simpson (her 'Rejoyce' from last year was especially horrendous)

What happened? You used to be Jessica's biggest fan.

Originally Posted by Cottington
even though Jessica is as plastic as you can get, at least her pipes rock. I love her album 'In this Skin'.

Originally Posted by Cottington
Is Jessica Simpson God?

Here are a few reasons I believe shes the greatest thing, in fact, the Creator herself :

Originally Posted by Cottington
I am sad that no one here discusses Jessica's music much but believe me, its GOOD. Sure beats all the new trash being released by groups beginning with THE i.e. 'The Thrills', 'The Strokes', 'The Rolling Stones' et al. Some of you may not agree but thats not my problem.

She's going to be pretty unhappy with you.

Randy Miller III 08-24-05 01:34 PM


Cottington 08-24-05 02:38 PM

I so did not. Yes, Jessica can be amazing when she wants to but then again even Mandy Moore does have her bright moments. I still think 'In This Skin' is an amazing piece of work. Pity no one likes it. But believe me when I say her Christmas album just plain sucks. I miss the old school Jessica!! Now Im in the mood for more teen diva singer posts. Somebody stop me!

Buford T Pusser 08-25-05 12:51 AM

Originally Posted by Cottington
Again, these are NOT the regular sorts of Xmas albums, really truly unique stuff here, and very thought provoking. Does anyone else have it? What do you think of it?

I do not have them, but let me know where to get them and you won't feel as lonely. :)

Cottington 08-25-05 08:03 AM

MP3s here
Click here for the albums

Again, we are not violating any sort of copyright as THESE ALBUMS WERE NEVER ACTUALLY RELEASED AND ARE ONLY MEANT FOR PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION. So get them while you can.

<i><font color=blue><b>Cottington</b>, when you've provided evidence that you have the permission of the copyright holder(s) to disseminate the material in question perhaps your original link will have a place here. Until then.... please check your email. </i>[Benedict]</font>

Rogue588 08-25-05 02:57 PM

No. Allow me.

Buford T Pusser 08-25-05 11:23 PM

I say repost!

Buford T Pusser 08-25-05 11:24 PM

Thanks for the link!

I d/l'ed them but haven't tried to listen yet.

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