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Have Major Labels Given Up On SACD?

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Originally Posted by Cardiff Giant
not entirely true, on hybrid SACDs, most computer drives can read the redbook portion and rip that into MP3. If I already have an album and I'm repurchasing on SACD I don't really care if it's a hybrid, but if it's a new disc to me, I usually try and get only hybrid SACDs. DVD-A is obviously a whole other story.
True on hybrid SACDs, but for many people (like me), their stereo system is actually their computer. I bought a good soundcard + high quality speakers so that I could enjoy music and save space in my room at the same time. Currently there is no way to play a SACD on the computer (haven't even heard a rumor of one being available), but DualDiscs and DVD-As can be played on the PC. So for that reason alone I'd rather purchase a DualDisc, the CD part can be ripped and the DVD-A can be the "rediscover" part for me.

Like it was mentioned some posts back, shame that not all DualDiscs are high res DVD-As, but even a 24bit/96KHz DualDisc/DVD-A track is better than CD quality most of the time.

Thanks for the hint Decker, didn't even know anything like that existed. Any caveats? (actually, I think I'll start a new thread on it, instead of hijacking this one).

edit: no thread needed, just searched the forum for numerous ones
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I picked up a new DVD player a couple months ago that supports SACD. I bought the DVD player for DVDs, but hey, if it came with SACD support, what the heck. Anyway, I spotted one copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, a CD that I already own, but I figured, hey, why not get the best possible presentation of this while I have the chance? I could see myself in the future wanting it and it being dang near impossible to find. So, went for it, and I am quite impressed. Sounded kinda crappy until I remembered to switch to 6ch Input on the receiver, but wow, this thing sounds incredible. Now I wish SACD wasn't disappearing, but what are ya gonna do?
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DSOTM is fantastic when played in SACD surround on good equipment. Steely Dan's "Gaucho" is another favorite of mine.
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Brought this thread back. At Musictap, there's a post that gives me some hope for my life-supported favorite format:

Hey!! Here's the triumphant return of Hybrid SACD from Sony. I've bolded it to bring extra attention. On December 6 of this year, Epic is going to release an SACD Multichannel title for Duran Duran and their best-selling Astronaut. Keep those fingers crossed that this turns into a new trend.

Not a Duran Duran fan, but I can hope for more can't I?

BTW I totally agree with the above post. DSOTM in 5.1 is truly mind-blowing. It's awesome beyond words. Bring on Wish You Were Here and The Wall.

And to one of my personal favorites, John Hiatt for putting his newest album Master Of Disaster on SACD hybrid (exclusively). It sounds beautiful and is a great album.
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