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Cusm 08-02-05 10:38 AM

Pixies finally go gold
I just heard this weekend on VH1 Classic's Alternative that The Pixies' Surfa Rosa was just certified gold, and that it is only there second (Doolittle) to do so. How sad that one of the greatest and most influential bands in alternative have sold so few albums.
I have everything they have put out and have bought Surfa Rosa/Come on Pilgrim 3 times, my first import CD with them combined were stolen and I had to replace my old tapes, I also had to buy Doolittle on CD. So I alone have bought 3 and 2 each of their 2 Gold albums.

astrochimp 08-02-05 10:45 AM

Well look at a band like Sonic Youth,theyve release over 20 albums and how many of those have gone gold? Its great music but great music doesnt always equal great sales.

Meatpants 08-02-05 10:46 AM

One of the main reasons I'm firmly behind their reunion tour / album - they're finally getting the attention / respect / money they truly deserve.

Gil Jawetz 08-02-05 12:32 PM

That's awesome. hahaha! Surfer Rosa is one of the finest albums ever recorded. I'm glad that half a million people now own it! rotfl

The Antipodean 08-02-05 01:27 PM

Ah, now they're sellouts. ;)

nodeerforamonth 08-02-05 02:54 PM

Is "Surfa Rosa" the gangsta rap version of the album?

Hiro11 08-02-05 03:50 PM

How long did it take for Velvet Underground and Nico to go gold?

atlantamoi 08-02-05 07:14 PM

Or The Ramones? I'm amazed when I hear about how few albums some these monster bands (in my mind at least) have sold. When Rolling Stone had their Top 500 albums of all time they listed sales figures and some of them were shockingly low.

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