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whynotsmile 07-27-05 07:57 PM

crazy frog reaches America
we've seen the ads and now we get the song. Its on itunes. Sounds like a mix of hampster dance and the theme song to beverly hills cop. christ on a craker...


Giles 07-28-05 09:45 AM

I don't know if this good or bad news. Was wondering what this song sounded like since it's been like the number one single in the UK for awhile.

cungar 07-28-05 10:20 AM

Ever heard Axel F from Beverly hills Cop? Now imagine a frog voice making gutteral noises intermittently over that song. You're not missing anything. It's a hit song based on a friggin cell phone ringtone. Proof that the British don't inherently have good taste.

Giles 07-28-05 10:28 AM

Originally Posted by cungar
Proof that the British don't inherently have good taste.


danicus007 07-28-05 12:08 PM

Holy crap I can't stand hearing this thing. I was in London the last week of May on my honeymoon and this friggin' commerical for the ring tone came on every time a show went to commerical break. At least 75% of every commerical on MTV in Paris was for ringtones but they were in German because the MTV there is a German station. At first it was funny, but it got old real fast. I can't believe that damn frog followed us back to the US!!

dremo 07-28-05 12:11 PM

Sirius's pop station has been playing it for a couple weeks now. Luckily I haven't heard it on any of the local stations. I can't stand the frog or the song.


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