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what do your parents/significant other think of the music you listen to?

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what do your parents/significant other think of the music you listen to?

Old 07-19-05, 09:27 PM
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what do your parents/significant other think of the music you listen to?

this question can go vice versa for those of you with kids,

when listening to bands like lamb of god, system of a down, and slipknot, my mom complains that its not music, its just noise. but when listening to the "slower" stuff like maroon 5 (she thought they were some no name niche band)and the more pop stuff, she doesnt mind. my dad while he probably can't stand it, he doesn't mind when i play it in my car.
oh, and up until a few years ago, i wasn't really allowed to have any parental advisory cd's (i'm 20) my mom also thought eminem was the devil and his lyrics horifying (this is just from reading the lyrics on tv when there was the controversy over "the marshal mathers lp"), and also thought the movie 8 mile was amazing (i personally haven't seen it)
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Old 07-19-05, 11:58 PM
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My parents don't mind the music I listen to. I found my dad grooving to some of the music I put on in the car. He also likes to comment on how dumb he thinks I am for listening to rap music thats all curses and sexual innuendo.

My mom doesn't care too much either. When we're in the car together she prefers if I listen to music without cursing because she doesn't want to hear it. Thats fair enough as most of my music rarely has cursing anyway.
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Old 07-20-05, 12:36 AM
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Everyone hates or gets freaked out by my music and it's been that way for forever. I listen to everything from Metal to bjork. My parents never minded but my Dad didn't think Metal was "real music". As far as my ex wife, she didn't care.

To be honest, I would KILL for girl who likes metal...and me. I get so jealous when I go to shows and i see couples who share the same love for the band playing.

I'm going to kill my self now....
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Old 07-20-05, 03:20 AM
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My mother has never really liked my music, and my father likes some of it. He's into music enough to find the qualities in it all.

Most of my girlfriends listened to rap when I met them. I don't personally like it, so I went on my merry little way of listening to metal and electronica, mostly. They eventually stopped listening to that crap and enjoying the music I like, although probably not the harder stuff.
I could tell when they started liking it when they began buying albums I didn't already have for themselves, and telling me they wanted to go to concerts.

Sorry, robo, they're out there somewhere.
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Old 07-20-05, 07:22 AM
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My musical tastes are all over the map -- metal (lots of metal, I'm a metalhead first and foremost), reggae, classical, folk, some jazz, old blues, gothic, punk, alternative, prog. Hate country, rap, and r&b.

My long-term girlfriend hated metal at first, but over the years I've worn her down and gotten her to enjoy it even though she started out as more of a Lilith Fair-type. The girl can now groove to Motorhead with the best of them. \m/ She even buys metal CDs on her own free will. (Though I think she bought Lamb of God's CD because the singer was wearing anti-Bush t-shirt on the cover of an issue of Revolver.)
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Old 07-20-05, 07:56 AM
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I don't listen to rap or the loud-and-screaming bands. I mostly prefer classic rock, which my wife and parents both like as well.
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Old 07-20-05, 08:47 AM
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My mom grew up in the Motown era and likes mainly R&B which I started out listening to, then old school rap (at the very beginning of it's inception).

Around 12 I started listening to pop/rock and in high school branched to alternative. Now I like lots of different kinds music, alternative, some metal, lots of pop with a little county, popera and r&b sprinkled in (I still lean toward the more mainstream of all the genres).

Anyway, my mother kind of raised an eyebrow when I branched out, questioned whether I was listening to any devil worshipping music and left me alone. But she doesn't care for what I listen to at all.

All those years my brother was eavesdropping on what I was listening to, unbeknownst to me. I figured he would go the R&B route so prevalent among our peers, but happily he liked what he heard blaring from my room. Now I have a concert going buddy and we suggest bands to each other. My mother says jokingly that I've "turned my brother out" on this music. She can't stand for either of us to play our music loud but if she's driving alone and you jump in her car after your ears are in shock from the volume she'd been blasting Patti Labelle (or whichever R&B artist she's listening to).
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Old 07-20-05, 09:37 AM
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My mom and I love Cat Stevens and I recently introduced her to Yann Tiersen. I would like for her to listen to some of Air's better stuff (everything up to and including The Virgin Suicides OST).

My dad likes more stuff like Chicago and America but when I play some stuff for him he can appreciate it. He liked the Bright Eyes album we listened to the other day.

When I was younger they didn't like me listening to Nirvana or Guns 'N' Roses, but that's life for you. (My late grandmother bought me Appetite for Destruction and we intently listened to it on the way back from the mall, after which we both got yelled at). I still listened to my poarent's albums, which were few --- but they had some Armando Manzanero, James Taylor, classical stuff (Vivaldi, Bolero, operas by the Deutsche Philharmonik) and the aforementioned.

My uncle recently asked me to give him a DVD with "classic" albums on it. Besides the obvious Pink Floyd, Stones, Beatles, Who, Zeppelin, I put in a few surprises that maybe, just maybe, he remembers (say, Cabaret Voltaire, Aztec Camera, etc.).

My one aunt liked everything I had but drew the line at Nine Inch Nails which she said gave her a headache. Another aunt has been demanding that I give her Bobby Darin albums.

I've been trying to "teach" my (much much) younger siblings about good music, with introductions to Nelly Furtado, Coldplay, Beatles, Art Blakey, Johnny Cash, David Bowie and more before they turn into teenagers. My sister's iPod is filled entirely with music I picked out for her (for better or for worse, she doesn't really have any CDs of her own).
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Old 07-20-05, 10:12 AM
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When I was a kid in the 70's I was given Kiss Alive II for a birthday present from a neighbor and my parents promptly locked it away in a closet. I am almost certain that was the day my true love of rock music started! They gave me back the album a few weeks later after realizing I probably wasn't going to start vomiting up blood if I played it.

FF 25 years and my dad tells me that he d'loaded a Shins song from iTunes. I thought the world was coming to an end. It was the song on the Garden State soundtrack.
Even though my parents are hopelessly out of it, I think they could handle much of the more mellow alt-rock I listen to. Of course, my mom once thought Bob Marley sang Ragu music.

My wife is like me and is all over the map. It doesn't matter what I play in the car (I'm in control about 100% of the time... oops!). She likes pretty much everything I play except when I get in a mood to annoy her by playing Styx or Journey (which only makes me laugh... then annoys after two songs).
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Old 07-20-05, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Giantrobo
I get so jealous when I go to shows and i see couples who share the same love for the band playing.
everyone wishes they could have someone like this. trust me.
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Old 07-20-05, 11:37 AM
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Bus, I seriously worry for your poor sister since you classify Nelly Furtado as "good music." Poor girl

My brother passed on some great musical talent to me. He was always into bands that 2-3 years later became huge commercial successes. But he never PUSHED anything on me. I can't stand when people -- family, friends, radio, MTV -- try to push their personal tastes on me.

Of course, if she's listening to Brittney Spears and NSync you have every right to burn those CDs.
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Old 07-20-05, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Giantrobo

I'm going to kill my self now....
That's what listening to metal will do to ya. Hang in there!
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