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What rock-related magazine do you guys read?

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What rock-related magazine do you guys read?

So my Spin subscription ended a long while ago, don't remember exactly what issue, but I kinda gave up on them with the all-time-best-album-lists that didn't really seem to include the right albums. So I was thinking of subscribing to a good rock-related magazine, Spin was the only thing that came to mind since my music review browsing is usually online these days.

What do you guys read? Any recommendations for online/offline rocks mags?
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Oh man! When I was younger CIRCUS magazine was awesome. I even knew a guy who gave me all his issues from the 70's and it rocked. But over the past 10 or 15 years it turned into just another "Teen Pop Music" rag with a hard rock/metal slant. Don't get me wrong, I love hard rock/metal. But the mag just sucks now. Hit Parader was another really cool Rock mag but I think it's gone now right?

Britain's KERRANG! was another kick ass rock mag. I would buy it when I could find it.

These days I just skim over Rock mags in the bookstores and the only Music mags I buy are Guitar and Bass Guitar related.
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Mojo is a great magazine.
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MOJO is easily the best magazine on the stands right now. All the UK music magazines blow anything on US shelves out of the water. I got hooked on them when I lived in the UK and now much to my wallet's pain I had to buy subscriptions when I moved back.

MOJO is #1
but Uncut isn't far behind.
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(yes, I still read NME)

My all-time favorite was the much beloved Trouser Press. I guess most of you are too young to remember it.

Mojo is too classic rock oriented to my tastes.
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honestly, blender is pretty decent (and humorous)

other than that, CMJ and mojo are all i'm really interested in.
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Blender is by far the best American magazine these days. Lot of fun, lots of humor, very wide-ranging musical coverage and some really good in-depth articles - it's almost like an American version of Mojo. I do like Mojo and Q but they're just too pricey to pick up regularly in the States.
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Great magazine for those into underground music, whether it's punk, indie, goth, industrial, metal, rock, techno, whatever, etc.

You might as well subscribe to it, $9.95 a year, plus you get a FREE CD (which, what, retails for $13-$15)? It's like buying a CD for $9.95 and getting a free subscription.
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I have free subscriptions to Blender and Rolling Stone. They just stay in the bathroom.
I use the internet for most of my music needs.
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Is there any way to get a good deal on Mojo for those of us in the states?
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I don't use any magazines. I do read Pitchfork (and take it with a grain of salt when they assign a random number from 4 to 7 to any "big" act). I like PopMatters as well, especially since they cover a wider variety of material (both music and non-).

I mostly don't like reading magazines because they don't cover the music. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know what Interpol looked like, and I've been a fan of theirs for a couple of years. I could care less what people's personal politics are. Just me though.
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Originally Posted by FrozenMetalHead
Is there any way to get a good deal on Mojo for those of us in the states?
The last couple issues have had inserts that state a special U.S. subscription price of $59 for 12 issues, which is about half the newsstand cost, and you get a free two disc post punk compilation. I'm planning to subscribe, as it's a big savings. I can post the toll free number tomorrow if anyone wants it, but I don't have the card on me at the moment.
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For me it's Q,Uncut,Mojo,Spin and sometimes Blender (us version or knock off of Q)..
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Blender - which I like and actually subscribed to for the first year before getting a bunch of free subs until August 2011

Spin - I've been getting it for 8-10 years and still pay for it, but am liking it less and less. The current issue has Nirvana's Nevermind as the No. 3 Greatest Album 1985-present. That band makes the Top 5 of every "Greatest _____ Albums" list they put out. Quite predictable and the whole Kurt-Cobain-Is-The-Voice-Of-My-Generation thing gets really old. The only thing that makes me keep the magazine on is Chuck Klosterman's column.

My current fave is a webzine - Stylus

Originally Posted by The Bus
I don't use any magazines.
[Rusty Griswold]How do you 'use' a magazine?[/Rusty Griswold]
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I also have free subs to Tracks and Blender.
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I meant read...

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NME (have a subscription)
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The only ones I have now are Blender and Spin. Of course, those are due to simply having free subscriptions. With all of the free magazines I have, I've decided not to actually purchase any.

I get most of my info online or from a buddy of mine who is very music knowledgable.
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I used to read/subscribe to Spin, but I lost all interest in the magazine two or three years ago. Too Radioheady, I guess I'd say.

Blender's okay, if a little too mainstream. I don't need to read interviews with Jessica Simpson.

The only magazine I read on a regular basis is Revolver. Vinnie Paul writes an advice column for it... what more do you need to know?
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I remember the late, great Trouser Press.

I read Blender now.
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Blender & Relix
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