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Mondo Kane 07-05-05 05:24 PM

"New Jersey Drive" song question
Here's a song that I've been wanting to know the title of for about, oh, 10 years. It plays during the opening credits sequence of New Jersey Drive and later appears in the middle of the movie as an instrumental right after
The main character escapes from a shooting from one of his old friends

The only lyrics that I can make out during the credits are something like "Upon the streets of killer Cali". I always thought it might've been Coolio, but not too sure.

Even though there are 2 volumes released for this movie soundtrack, the song appears on neither of them. So please, for all you rap heads out there, can ya help me out on what this is?

kurupt 07-06-05 01:32 PM

I'll check for it the next time I watch it.

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