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highdef 04-04-05 07:07 AM

Anyone know exact release dates for DAVID BOWIE'S "LIVE" & "STAGE" discs on DVD-AUDIO? Amazon.com/UK originally slated "LIVE" for 2/21 and "STAGE" for 3/21. The UK site now lists them both slated for a July release, but what about here in the states? Anyone?

Hollowgen 04-04-05 01:09 PM

no release date given yet! usually davidbowie.com has all the pertinent info as it becomes available. one of the most up-to-date artist sites out there.

highdef 04-04-05 03:06 PM

DavidBowie.com has been vague about an actual date. The Amazon.com UK
site did have several dates, but recently announced July for both discs. Thanks anyway.

Chaza 04-05-05 07:36 PM

Damn I wish I'd known before I picked up live. I guess I'll wait for the dvd-a of Stage then.

Hollowgen 04-05-05 09:48 PM

stage sounds amazing anyhow. bowie remasters always live up.

highdef 04-06-05 07:15 AM

According to Tony Visconti, "YOUNG AMERICANS" will be released as a DVD-AUDIO disc for its 30th Anniversary. He stated that: "All the tracks have been mixed from the master tapes to 96khz high definition digital audio. That translates to 'freakin' scary' quality. Mr. Bowie is front and center, but the backing is now spread 360 with Mr. Vandross hovering over your left shoulder for most of the album. John Lennon's six string acoustic is almost entirely in the right rear speaker on "Across The Universe" and you just might hear a comment from him when the song is over. What really brought it home to me was how great David's vocals were, and a lot of them were live takes with him standing in the same room as the band at Sigma Studios in Philadelphia. The release will be in a few months. There will be bonus tracks and a surprise."

duse 04-06-05 09:04 AM

I generally use quadraphonicquad to keep up with all the multichannel releases. I see that it has a release date of 4/19/05, but it has a "delayed ?" status. There may be more info within the different threads. I did not check. I got this info from the new releases section.

highdef 04-06-05 10:05 AM

Sorry, duse, but it's not listed in that section or available for pre-order other than on the AMAZON.COM/UK's site. Their date is 7/4/05. There must also be a U.S. release slated as well, right? When and how much is the question...?

Giles 04-06-05 11:27 AM

Sound & Vision has an advertisement for the discs, they denote March 15th which has come and gone... :hscratch: (got me).

duse 04-06-05 12:32 PM

Here is the link:

Not necessarily in the new releases section, as I originally stated.

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