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caiman 01-24-05 09:51 PM

Tool [including updated new release information]
I know they're a heavily discussed band, but it's been a while since we had a good Tool thread here in music talk. I also realize they have many detractors. If you are one of them, feel free to voice your opinion here. I was going to title this an "appreciation thread", but that would kill any chance of some good debate.

I love Tool. I got into them just about three years ago. But I admit, they weren't my cup of tea at first. But gradually, over the course of three years, they've become my favorite band. To me they're the quentessential "aquired taste" band. I don't quite know what it is, but something about their music makes them seem better and better with each listen. Their songs are complex enough that I find myself "discovering" new things about them all the time, lyrically and compositionally.

I think one thing that inspired me to begin a Tool discussion here is the news that Maynard is in the studio laying down the vocals for their next album, which is supposed to be out soon. Since I got into them late in the game (after Laturalus came out), and since I've listened to all four of their CDs inside and out, the idea of new Tool material makes me downright giddy. As does the thought of seeing them in concert when they tour, which I most definitely will.

So let's get things rolling.

First off, here is how I rank their albums. I'm sure many of you agree with this ranking:


Aenima - Pure brilliance. The raw nature of Undertow combined with the more mature nature of Lateralus. The best of both worlds. It also contains my favorite Tool song - "Eulogy". Runner up - "Forty-Six and 2."

Laturalus - Again, brilliant. My only complaint is it's just a tad bit too polished. Though "Ticks and Leeches" helps that somewhat. Still though, this is their most technically impressive work. Favorite song from this CD - "Lateralus". Runner up - "The Grudge."

Undertow - This is a very solid rock album with a nice raw texture, but admittedly, if they had maintained this same style throughout their following CDs I don't think I'd be as big a Tool fan as I am. It's good for what it is, but I'm very glad they have evolved. Favorite song - "Prison Sex." Runner up - "Intolerance."

Opiate - An impressive debut rock album, but they just weren't "Tool" yet at this point. Like Undertow, it's good for what it is, but it's definitely not one I listen to very often. Favorite song - "Part of me."

I suppose I should also mention Salival. I personally don't care for it too much, and would probably rank it last. Some people go nuts over the live version of "Pushit". Maybe I just haven't listened to it enough to appreciate it. Salival's decent, but nothing I'll listen to very much. The packaging for the set sure is cool though.

And no Tool thread would be complete without a list of favorite songs. I'll list five. But I'm telling you, this is no easy task.

1. Eulogy
2. Laturalus
3. Forty-Six and 2
4. Stinkfist
5. The Grudge

Now it's your turn. Discuss. List. Complain. Whatever.

edstein 01-24-05 10:39 PM

I've heard that the boys are working on a new album. Anybody heard any dates?

Ergyu 01-24-05 10:55 PM

Originally Posted by edstein
I've heard that the boys are working on a new album. Anybody heard any dates?

Supposedly around the middle or possibly fall of this year. Not too many details yet, though Danny has said that its a little more visceral than Lateralus but still complicated in the rhythm and time department. Blair discussed listening it on a practice and hearing some new 20 minute song or something as well a while ago.

WestEndRiot 01-24-05 11:30 PM

Originally Posted by Ergyu
Supposedly around the middle or possibly fall of this year.

isn't it still in the writing/demo phase? by Tool standards i think the above estimate would be seriously rushing things.

Capo2002 01-25-05 01:05 PM

I am a huge tool fan as well, and have been avidly listening to them since about '96 (when aenima debuted.) I agree with just about everything caiman said, Tool is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. But those people who listen to their music are mostly hardcore fans such as myself. There's something about the combination of their music/lyrics that really connects with their fans and strikes a nerve, and that is why they have such a devoted fanbase imo. I can't wait to hear their new album.

Byron_T 01-25-05 02:08 PM

Tool finished touring in early 2003 so they have had plenty of time to work on the next album. Remember, there were legal problems with the label that delayed Lateralus a little. I think the majority of the music is written while Maynard was working with a Perfect Circle and he is now putting vocals to the new Tool music. They have had plenty of time to get things going so I don't think late summer or early fall is rushing at all. There were about five years between Aenima and Lateralus and May will be four years since Lateralus so it's about time. With Tool we will probably be left guessing until just before release date.

There is a great Tool website, toolshed.down.net, that is kept up to date regularly when there is something going on. They also have a great FAQ section that is very interesting.

This was posted on 02/05/04

"Work is underway on Tool's next album, despite the fact that A Perfect Circle will be touring for the next little while. The writing process for this album will be similar to the process for "Lateralus": the band works on music, sends demos to Maynard, he works on vocals, and so on. The singer discusses this in the newest issue of Kerrang magazine, saying "we're working on a new Tool record now. I'm multi-tasking. I can't walk and chew gum but I can change hats." It was four and a half years between "Ænima" and "Lateralus", it has so far been (only) almost three since the spirally record was released. So really, they are almost ahead of schedule."

They were working on the album a year ago so it seems logical that they would be done sometime this year.

david12 01-25-05 05:10 PM

Years ago, between AEnima and Lateralus, Danny said that while writing, and while Maynard was on tour with APC, the rest of the band practiced/wrote for four hours each day. I think I also read that they took one day off a week. Said that it really helped them explore every possible nitch in any sort of song...discovering what would happen if they did this or that at any given moment to make sure that the songwriting decisions they made were the right ones. Judgeing from the near perfection of Lateralus, they were successful.

I read somewhere about the twenty minute song as well...but Reflection/Disposition/Triad are 'one' song so it doesn't really seem like the biggest stretch for them. Exciting nonetheless.

My exciting too fact is that after AEnima came out, it was the only album I listened to for nearly two years...except for other TOOL albums of course.

MJKTool 01-25-05 05:13 PM

Actually Tool ended their last tour on 11/24/2002 in Long Beach. My personal thought is that when they eventually release this new album I wouldnt be surprised if it came with the live dvd or they release it around that time period. Favorite album would be Lateralus &

Top 3 songs
The Grudge


Anyway I'm not holding my breath anyway for a quick release date. I've already learned my lesson.

Hollowgen 01-25-05 05:22 PM

always liked tool (music), but i won't deny that i think they're hillariously overrated and pretentious as hell. the live show i went to sucked. "hey guys, we're really deep. watch adam play the same note over and over again for 15 mins. now THAT'S art!" psh.

MJKTool 01-25-05 05:27 PM

That was more of an interlude than art imo. I hated that as well.

starseed1981 01-25-05 05:42 PM

I actually hated Tool for a very long time. My friends were all into Aenema and I just couldn't understand how they would like something with such muddy production values. Then one night I caught myself listening to Disposition/Reflection/Triad after a long battle with Mary Jane and it hit me....these guys are amazing! Since then I've become an avid fan off all their stuff and can't wait for the new album.
Top Five:
04.The Grudge....for the primal scream alone
01(Tie).Third Eye...can't believe nobody picked this yet.
01(Tie).Lateralus...a truly truly epic song

SeekOnce 01-25-05 06:31 PM

I've never like Tool in the past. In fact, I still can't stand Sober or Stinkfist when it's on the radio. That being said, there are some brilliant songs on Lateralus. I especially dig the offbeat rhythms and key signatures, very impressive.

mndtrp 01-25-05 08:08 PM

I like Tool a lot. Each of their albums have good songs. I would just like to know where the live dvd is that they promised something like 3 years ago.

edstein 01-25-05 10:30 PM

Tool is easily in my top 5 favorite bands. Aenima and Lateralus are brilliant. Too many great songs to have a single favorite though.

dyevin 01-25-05 10:48 PM

so, is anyone else excited about robert fripp spending some time in the studio with adam recently?

seeing fripp onstage with the band in san diego a few years ago was pretty cool, i'm excited to hear what he and adam could come up with in a studio setting...

david12 01-26-05 06:30 PM

A lot of people keep saying that they aren't holding their breath for the new record, but I believe it will be here sooner than we think. Yes, Lateralus took five years...but like it was previously stated, it was mainly because of legal troubles and because Maynard kept touring with APC. This led to some sort of rift in the band, which is obvious when listening to the lyrics to the first half of Lateralus (Grudge-Schism) which probably also led to the album being delayed.

I don't think that the dudes in TOOL really expected the success of APC to be as big as it was, and I don't think Justin, Adam and Danny expected Maynard to be gone as long as he was. But now it seems that they have found some sort of happy medium and know what to expect.

Besides all of that, it does not take long for this band to record it's stuff in the studio. Danny laid down ALL the tracks for Lateralus is five days. Yes, only five days. I don't think they go in there to rehearse and refine, instead it is all about going in, recording what you have written for the last two years of your life and getting it out there.

Yes, we will have to wait until they feel it is perfect...but you know that the record company is itching to get it out, as is the band and I don't think the wait will be that long.

david12 01-26-05 06:36 PM

and whoever thinks that TOOL is an acquired taste is out of their mind.

Undertow came out and I was in middle school, and although I didn't 'get' it, I listened. And in '96 when they premiered 'Stinkfist' on 120 minutes, I literally said out loud, alone in my bedroom at 11pm on a Sunday night, "This will change my life." Watched the video, mortified at the images, and when it ended I couldn't remember the song for the life of me, but I knew that I had watched something special...and I knew it's value instantly.

Having to listen to something over and over to understand it doesn't make the band or their music an acquired taste, it is just a band not putting out three minute verse-chorus-verse anthems because they have some pride.

now, something like TV on the Radio or the Fiery Furnaces...now those are acquired taste bands.

FantasticVSDoom 01-26-05 07:35 PM

Well, Tool is one of my favorite bands, and seen them 2 times live. Once after Aenima and they were great and once after Lateralus, and was bored out of my mind. Im looking forward to a new album, but not holding my breath. I have to say, Eulogy is one of my all time favorite songs, so its not hard to pick my favorite, and Undertow ranks pretty high on all time fav albums as well.

dpganz 01-28-05 12:23 AM

well, i'd agree they're aquired taste. mostly because of maynard though imo. seems strange, and a bit of a stretch maybe, but to me they're like a present day pink floyd of rock. while not my favorite band, i'd say they're one of the most talanted groups out there. as a band they don't just play well togather, they feel orchastrated. i guess i should make it clear, i'm not comparing PFs music to Tool, but the way the band plays togather.

Decadance 01-28-05 03:01 AM

Originally Posted by dpganz
as a band they don't just play well togather, they feel orchastrated.

... :hscratch: this is a bad thing?

caiman 01-28-05 08:13 PM

Originally Posted by Decadance
... :hscratch: this is a bad thing?

Uh, he didn't say it was a bad thing. In fact, it came just after his statement, "they're one of the most talented groups out there."

dpganz 02-04-05 11:53 AM

sorry, i can see that statement could be confusing. i mean orchastrated in the way classical music is put togather. made with purpose, not just a guitar riff with backing drums and bass, but keeping in mind how it all works togather as a whole. gestalty goodness....

caiman 06-10-05 02:10 PM

Bumping for some Tool news.


Allegedly they'll be releasing a new CD this year, and there is some speculation that it may be called Teleincision and that it will be release on August 16.

A new logo can also be found on their website, www.toolband.com. Apparently this has been desinged by their new web designer Joshua Davis. It looks as though the letter "O" resembles a razorblade, which I guess may add weight to the Teleincision name, however, another source has spoken to Adam who's confirmed that it's not the new Tool logo.

08.16 Tool Teleincision DVD (Zoo/Volcano)

cdollaz 06-10-05 02:44 PM

So is it a cd or a dvd?

gerrythedon 06-10-05 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by cdollaz
So is it a cd or a dvd?

... maybe both like APC's, "eMOTIVE & aMOTION".

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