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Randy Miller III 11-29-04 04:53 PM

Dead Can Dance - Rare CD question
A friend of mine recently game me some old CDs of his, including one by the band "Dean Can Dance". It's called "Closer to Heaven" (released in the early 90s, I think), and is limited to 1,000 copies and has no barcode. It doesn't appear to be a bootleg of any kind...maybe it was a promo or mail-away offer. Anyway, I can't seen to dig up any info on this CD anywhere, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this one.

fallow 11-29-04 06:51 PM

According to this discography page, Closer to Heaven is a 1987 bootleg.

Randy Miller III 11-29-04 07:19 PM

If it is a bootleg, it looks pretty convincing. Anyway, if this violates some sort of forum guideline, feel free to delete this thread.

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