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fallow 11-16-04 09:19 PM

The Grey Video (video mash-up)
For Danger Mouse's mash-up, "Encore/Glass Onion". Totally sweet.

Hollowgen 11-16-04 10:22 PM

agreed!that guy in the booth looks like jared leto.

innocentfreak 11-16-04 10:51 PM

Cool. Also on a side note I am waiting for Collision Course due out the 30th which is the Linkin Park/ Jay Z mix album.

Does Danger Mouse have any other cd's out there or anything else similar?

fallow 11-16-04 11:30 PM

Yeah, buy DM & Jemini's Ghetto Pop Life.

Flynn 11-17-04 12:08 AM

Brilliant. I love it when Ringo starts scratching.

j123vt_99 11-17-04 07:56 AM

very cool.. that was well done

Jonny2k1 11-17-04 03:15 PM

That's pretty sweet!

DJLinus 11-18-04 11:19 PM

I couldn't get this to load. Is it mirrored anywhere?

I hope that I didn't wait too long to watch this - I figured the Beatles folks would want to shut this down.

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