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theneobez 10-10-04 03:36 PM

New Ted Leo/Pharmacists Album - 10/19
available on Look Out Records
"Shake the Streets" be the name

I can't wait, they're also playing here pretty soon, so that'll be great to see them live.

You can download the whole first track officially here:

it sounds great, and I couldn't be more excited.

theneobez 11-13-04 05:03 PM

Got the album last week. It's excellent. I'd say better than Hearts of Oak, but not quite as good as Tyranny of Distance. Some really good tunes on it.

fallow 11-13-04 05:16 PM

Shake the Sheets is the first Ted Leo album I've enjoyed front-to-back.

theneobez 11-13-04 08:46 PM

Yeah it's extremely solid.

Frank TJ Mackey 11-15-04 02:05 PM

I heard an advance of this over the summer, and it is definitely one of the band's very best records to date.

It's nonstop excitement and terrific songwriting.

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